The Loft Summer Series: Your Voice, Your Song

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."

~ Maya Angelou

Date: Thursday, August 8th, 7:30pm-10:30pm
Cost: $59

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Music, voices, singing…..together. In community, in sisterhood, in a way of lifting of each other up like we’ve never felt before. Join us August 8th as we are led by vocal coach and soulful musician Melissa Mulligan, as we circle together and unite our voices. We’ll start with an exploration of how singing can bring such magic and joy to our lives -- and how it can also bring so much fear. (Singing for an audience is a bit different than alone in the car!) We’ll dive into the workshop with a casual sing along and then we’ll play around with sounds and words, making up songs as we go.

Together, in harmony, for the pure love of expressing ourselves through music.

You’ll receive links to a few songs beforehand to acquaint yourself with them. You’ll also choose your favorite, most uplifting song before we meet and receive a beautiful mix CD of everyone’s soul songs as we close.

We can’t wait to raise our voices with you.

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{Not convinced you can sing in front of people? Let NPR persuade you with this and this!}

"If music be the food of love, play on."

~ William Shakespeare

What you think about...

Isn't it crazy to read someone's blog or watch them on Insta or be part of their online world and feel that we know them? But we do. I do it.

I adore some of these online presences and they become a part of my daily decompressing time. I go in and out of different blogs or websites that inspire me or of those who I secretly make my mentors. I love seeing how my friends are doing when I read their words and learn about their offerings.

A friend said to me the other day that she assumed I was the most patient mother who never yelled at her kids. Apparently I haven't quite communicated how impatient and overstimulated I am by my kids, or I have, and she/you don't want to believe that.

I had to stop following a blog I loved with all my heart because, while I knew better, I couldn't entangle the beautiful scenes she showed each day from my belief that she was the world's best everything and I fell short. I know this isn't true. I know she has bad days but...oiy. You know?

I have made it my practice to try to tell as much truth as feels good and serves myself, my family and my readers.

Sometimes it gets murky. Like right now Patrick, my husband, and I are going through a really deep, healing, we-don't-know-what-this-all-will-look-like time. And I want to share the bits that will allow me to guide you and share my soul in a way that is healing and teaching and loving. Sometimes that is just a picture of sadness on Instagram after learning some tough stuff about myself. Or it is the stories I tell you in my programs.

I am asked all the time how I know how much to share, what bits and pieces I put out there. The only answer I have is my intuition. I feel really graceful growing infront of you all publicly. It doesn't scare me, it humbles me. I feel humbled that you take time to read the words that flow. I feel humbled that you trust the process that I've gone through enough to want me to teach it to you after.

As a young child I have felt this guide inside of me. I knew that my work on this earth was to create some sort of magic.

While I'm creating this magic, which is me watching you step into your light, don't think for one moment that I don't yell or punch doors or cry into my pillow. Don't believe that if I take one picture in the morning of sunlight on a still coffee mug that I'm not sitting there listening to my boys fighting or scared to open my emails and feel overwhelmed with all that is before me.

Part of this work of mine is to show the beauty inside of the chaos so that you too will look for yours.

Part of this work of mine is to take the fucking hard ass lesson I just had to live and turn it into something gorgeous that I can share with you.

Part of this work of mine is to take these huge leaps of faith and put myself out there in hopes that you see it and feel it and desire it.

Part of this work of mine is to surrender to the truth that my fight shows me, leaning into this light that I was born with.

Part of this work of mine is to be the magic so that you will feel yours, learn yours, know yours.

What I am in the process of right now is learning to trust myself. After years of starving myself thin and now eating potato chips and drinking Prosecco if I want to, I dip in and out of that trust. I am taking huge leaps of faith in my business and praying that I am not screwing up. I am learning how to be inside of relationships without feeling that I have to fix them or accepting only crumbs when I could have a 17 layer cake. (Although learning to accept the 17 layer cake is actually the hard part.)

Trusting myself is scary because I've lived for a long time on the edge of trust. Being in that trust means breaking addictions that I thrive on. It means I am in my light, aligned with the spirit of joy really. You can't teach joy for almost 2 years and not crave expanding the meaning for yourself.

I trust myself. I trust what I share with you. I trust how I show up. I trust jumping into the unknown and that my wings will spread. I trust eating potato chips instead of kale when I want to. I trust that my family is so OK, despite all the moments I wish I could take back.

I trust myself.

I trust you to be here and feel safe. I trust that you might make up stories about my life but that you will truly know that we are all journeying together.

I will learn.

I will guide.

I will show up.

I will share my truths.

And I want to know what you think about...

Highly Sensitive Style (how I get dressed)

When I made my 2012 vision board on the February New Moon this picture of the woman in a gray sequined tunic with a black jacket standing under my word for the year, magic, was my focus. The essence of this picture, a woman standing in her power, shining, stepping into the light was the image I was manifesting. I also was learning that comfort as an HSP while feeling like I could claim my own style were not exclusive. I wanted this jacket and this sequined top, they just had to feel right on my body.

As a highly sensitive person much of my getting dressed is like a kid who can't stand the feeling of the hem on their sock. My clothes must feel right or they stay in the closet, unworn, often with tags still on.

I found my sequin top at TJ Maxx I think. I had been searching for one where you couldn't feel the sequins and that was long enough to act as a tunic. I love this shirt. It is gray, one of the 5 colors I wear. It sparkles. When I wear it I feel magic. Style to me is about a feeling. How do you want to feel when you climb into your clothes? As an HSP, comfort is at the top of that list, but it is more than comfort. To me it is like the difference between feeling like you are too hot or too cold, it is like stepping into that perfect temperature.

This year I've been quietly shopping in a new way. I love handmade items from Etsy. I love materials that are so soft you barely feel them. I am spending more for one item because I don't wear many items. I've also been releasing things. Releasing all the jeans that don't fit. Releasing anything that is a color I won't wear even if it is gorgeous. If I won't wear it, why is it hanging in my closet?

This also means releasing stories of guilt around spending money on so many things that I don't use. This is the hardest thing to release, each time I fill a bag with donation I remind myself that I am just getting to know myself even deeper. That this release is about coming home, but usually the guilt tries hard to stop me and keep the piles of unworn clothes in the drawer.

I found three essential things for my day as a mama and work at home entrepreneur: jeans, leggings and yoga pants. All three of these things can go from a snuggle on the couch to a tea date with a friend to walking the dog or sitting on the computer writing. I tried every jean and then I finally found the them. The ones. They feel like butter, the stretch just enough and my belly fits them. Love.

Layers have always been key to my HSP. Often the layers act as a shield when I'm in the world or feeling vulnerable. A scarf seems to balance me, ground me and once I discovered infinity scarves I was in my joy. Infinity scarves mean no tying or falling off or having to readjust. You just loop it on and go. More love.

In college I wore a lot of jewelry, in layers. Jewelery again must be soft, no itching and I try to find stones and metals that work with my energy. Just like the layers, they seem to ground me, to root my energy. A bonus is that many artists on Etsy are aware of this and help you choose your stones and colors through the descriptions they write.

Not long ago I realized that I only feel like myself if I wear certain colors. Neutrals really, whites, mochas or gold, gray and black or navy occasionally. I would buy gorgeous tops that sparkled of jewel tones and they would sit in my closet or I would wear them for 2 hours and then run back and grab my mocha shirt.

I remember once buying this beautiful purple tunic. Even as I was standing in line I could hear this little voice that had yet been fully acknowledged saying, you won't wear this, you won't wear this. I tried a few times to put it on and never made it out of the house. It was a little itchy and well, purple!!!

The moment I take off the shirt that feels wrong and climb inside of 'my colors' I can feel my body relax, melt. Perhaps some of my OCD is mixed into this, I don't know why this is, yet now when you look in my closet, you will not see the rainbow, you'll see the sand, the seashells, the clouds. You see me.

You will also see the birds. Feather earrings and my sparrow tattoo are part of this HSP style. They feel like me. This is what Highly Sensitive Style is, creating a wardrobe that feels like you, clothes that you climb into and come alive in your own version of shining. Clothes that not only make you look beautiful but that help you to feel beautiful. The gorgeous life, wearing things that make us more us.

As I create my vision board in 2013 I will find an image that captures the essence of the woman I continue to grow into. I love letting her find her light and giving her the gift of knowing who she is, in style, thoughts and visions.

Here is a list of style that I love, most I own, some I just adore.

This was the shirt that started it all. I love oversized shirts that hide my belly and I've always adored off the shoulder slouchy style. I'm sort of still in the 90's I think, jean jackets and off the shoulder shirts. Bring it!

Loving this, look at that color...that is my color. My HSP also really likes sleeves that are loose and then fitted at the bottom. I love being able to place the sleeve where I want it and it stays there!

I found this shirt and the color was whispering to me, come lay in the sand, take off your shoes and let's play.

Finally I found jeans that I feel joyful in. They don't feel like leggings, let's be real, but they are buttery and stretchy and I love them. I spent way more than this on the numerous jeans that I never wear because they don't feel good on me. I'm so happy to be done with that.

I can't find the leggings I own, but these look yummy! While I don't own these I've had them in my Etsy shopping cart!

All I can say is that this jacket is my favorite thing. It is soft, feels almost like a sweater and looks so beautiful on. My daughter tries to steal it daily, she may need one for Christmas!

I find all my yoga pants at TJ Maxx and usually I get Green Apple. They are long enough for my long legs, the material is gorgeous and I feel really sexy in them. Yes, sexy in yoga pants. This is a priority of mine.

I adore boots with heels and again, spent lots of money on shoes that don't feel good. I can walk the dog in these, stand in them for hours and they are heaven.

My feather earrings are no longer for sale but browsing through Etsy you'll find gorgeous feathers, like these.

Natural elements and animal energy has become vital for me, I adore this.

My favorite infinity scarf with shimmer is no longer for sale, I'd buy 12 of them if it was. I found something like it but I've never touched this one so don't know how it feels.

A stretchy and chunky belt is my new favorite thing. It helps me create some shape and not feel so self conscious about those things they call 'love handles!' I don't have this one but a similar one.


What I most want you to know is that finding your style is about the inner and outer expression of you. It is the telling of your story through the image you put on and bring to the world. Your style is a blend of your visions, feelings and comforts.

Feel gorgeous, be gorgeous.


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Story Whispers ~ Abby Kerr

I often find myself eager for settling in with a cup of tea or glass of wine with women who I admire and hearing their story whispers. The magic inside of the words, the treat of the truth and that moment of 'yes, me too' are why we must keep sharing our stories.

Today I welcome Abby Kerr in all of her softness and word wisdom. Abby and I connected through Instagram and though we've yet to meet, having crossed paths this summer in Oregon, I'm looking forward to some time for more stories soon. Abby is the magic behind The Voice Bureau, which helps entrepreneurs show up in the online conversation. Click over and look at her gorgeous new website, it took my breath away when I saw it.

Abby and I share a love for words, beauty and showing up in grace. I am grateful to invite her to share her story whispers with you.

Take us through your gorgeous life in terms of your senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, sound and any others that you possess.

What inspires me: the touch of soft skin, FrenchBo fur, and as-yet-unmarked notebook paper; the taste of ripe avocados, tart marinara sauce, and Kombucha {not all in one dish!}; the smell of my own perfume, which makes me feel strong, feminine, and inspired {notes of bergamot, graperfruit, pink pepper, patchouli, & cedar}; the sight of leaves blanketing the streets of my neighborhood as I walk it -- hues of rust, fuschia, grapefruit, and saffron; the haunting, powerful strains of Brandi Carlile's "Bend Before It Breaks," a candle wick snapping, and the tap-tapping of my fingers as I write.

The moment you knew you had found your thing, the one that would propel you forward because you can’t not do it.

When I realized I could build my work in the world around supporting other entrepreneurs in developing their writing voices, it felt like the easiest and most deliciously selfish thing to do. Like a guilty pleasure. 'Selfish' has never been a word that's resonated as positive to me, but this felt like a righteous selfishness, like moving into my power and my point of grace. And at the same time, this work feels radically generous to me, as if I'm giving my very best from my most openhearted place.

Magical moments: what are they to you and how do you open to receiving them?

My magical moments are usually about sensing divine timing. Throughout my life, I've always seemed to discern when it's time to shift: sidestep, zoom forward, move back, throw on the brakes, run for it, jump the tracks. I listen for a go in my spirit and not until then do I take action. That's true for me whether it's about starting a relationship, buying a sweater, or launching a website.

Ritual that you start your day with.

These days, walking and feeding the dogs. We have a new puppy who has brought a lot of fun and playfulness into our lives.

Favorite part of your body, tell us why you love it.

My feet. From childhood through my teen years, I trained in classical ballet and performed with a pre-professional training company. I have dancer's feet. I think they're pretty -- nicely shaped toes, high arches, nice toenails -- but I have naturally rough, thick soles that crack easily. Not so sexy to hear described, but I own it. My feet have danced on wooden stages, walked me through airports on the way to my next big adventure, and regularly run into the furniture as I flit through my house on the way to record my next idea.

Favorite quote:

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A mantra or affirmation that guides you:

I am loved and protected. All things work together for good.

Your guiding word/s for the year:

You know what to do, and how to do it. Allow effortless to be enough.
Abby Kerr helps entrepreneurs show up in the online conversation through brand voice development, holistic content strategy, and organic SEO copywriting. A former high school English teacher and U.S. award-winning indie lifestyle boutique owner, her favorite creative work centers on creating compelling emotional worlds. She's just relaunched her entire online brand presence, The Voice Bureau, at Outside {and sometimes inside} of business hours, she's a fierce home cook, a mom to two French Bulldog-Boston Terrier mixes, and an ardent Brandi Carlile fan.

My Superpower is YOU

Writing as part of Andrea Scher's gorgeous launch today feels like standing in a circle of women who I have such love and trust for and with. It feels like joy, honor and grace stenciled on rocks with big black letters. It feels like giggling till your belly hurts and hugs that you melt into. It feels like a glass of red wine sipped while letting dark chocolate melt in your mouth.

Andrea and I connected on Facebook with a little mama-love-fest. Yes, I am one of FB biggest fans. Then we schemed about me sneaking into her workshop at WDS. I totally did. She was the person I talked to after having my scary poke around my bladder appointment at the doctor.

And while life has been so completely out of the norm crazy around here, I'm pretty sure our next conversation will start with me saying, "Holy crap woman, you just stepped into your light in a way that is going to open the gates for other women to find theirs." Or maybe she'll just read that here.

Andrea writes, "To me, a Superhero is someone who invites her wisest, bravest, most alive self to come out and play, every day. This doesn’t mean having all the answers, being unshakably strong, or performing dramatic feats of heroism. It means being someone like you – and someone like me. Someone who is anxious and uncertain, oh, say, 50 – 80% of the time. Someone who wants to live a juicy, full, courageous life — but doesn’t always know how. Someone who understands that vulnerability just might be the greatest superpower of all."

And so I feel really vulnerable every time I write about my leaking bladder or talk about my marriage struggles or tell you how freaking hard it is to be a mother. I feel scared to share the details. I wonder if I ever told you about the panic attack I had during a live call with women I business coach. I was so scared to post that picture on Instagram of myself 14 years ago because I don't look like her anymore. But I love her.

Every time I am stuck or don't know what next, I realize that my superpower is you. My connection to you, with you, for you. I post those pictures for you, I write those words for you, I jump into my vulnerability for you. My power comes from you.

I'm the one who sees bravery as a tattoo on her soul.

I'm the one who each year sheds a layer so she can love more.

I'm the one who eats chocolate for breakfast if I want to.

I'm the one who forgets appointments and bills and laundry for 3 days in the washer because writing to you captures my spirit.

I'm the one who daily follows her spirit before glancing at her calendar.

I'm the one who believes that connection is her superpower.

I'm the one who finds feathers where you'll never see a bird.

I'm the one who sits in her leather chair, pouring over Andrea's words, grateful that she guides me to say, "What's next? 'Cause I'm coming."

I'm the one who believes in you. You are my superpower.


A giveaway spree is happening over on Superhero Life today. Leave a comment over there and, you know, maybe win something fantastic.

Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a praying for ease, meditating on ease, dreaming of ease, sending blessings of ease, stirring ease into my decaf so I might be greeted with a slow day, a day that I need to feel so not-so-out-of-control kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

Seriously, read the description of this beauty! Love it.

Sas stepped into the ease. It is part of her magic.

This will make your mind all gooey and mushy and then you will sigh because it really is so beautiful. {via Alicyn}

I profess my love for Vivienne.

“I am not a lucky person, I’m a blessed person” ~Lovetta Conto

This is just funny. I love Instagram ya'll. {via Christy}


Sending you all with blessings for a beautiful weekend. xo


Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a wasting time online to avoid doing, dreaming of the salt air to heal my sensitive openings, frizzy haired in the humidity, heart -expanding for the joy up (as it always does) and drinking decaf black this morning 'cause we are out of coconut milk kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists. (I am in creation mode, so having read very little this week, will need you to leave some of your favorites in the comments)

This story from Andrea is divine.

I love great ideas. This is one and well, I don't have a MAC just yet, just yet.

I am so this girl.

I do joy/ making space, she does food/mood. Together we mamacoach. Gorgeously matched.

Totally get hating yourself for those moments. And the love.

She wrote us a blessing for the joy up. She wrote me a blessing when I was healing my bladder. I love this woman.

These interviews always heal my spirit. So needing this in my PMS today.

WDS Magic - Images

* This bed was my most delightful friend. I was beyond proud of myself that my business paid for my trip and hosted me in this gorgeous room on a pillow that felt like a cloud must feel to the angels. That bed was my healing, my softness, my joy.

* Surrounded by a thousand people who already know you and believe in you is magic. This is community, tribe, joy.

* I was really nervous to show up by myself and was wrapped in the arms of Portland and women who let me be me. Completely. Nerves and all. They let me see my own magic in a fresh way.

* Andrea asked us about our superpowers. One of mine is that I get shit done. Our story is just beginning and I adore the time I spent in her energy. Her workshop started a little dream of what I might be able to bring to WDS in years ahead.

* From the balloon hat and ukelele you can see this wasn't just any old conference. Michelle's story is heart-centered magic. Do you know what my degree is in? Theatre Arts. In my heart I love being on stage and also watching those who stand before me. Shining.

* Love this woman. Time with Rachel was so on my to-do list.

* Green juice under the bamboo. How I started and how I ended my time in Portland. If you go, have the Melody juice and anything in a bowl.

 * The first gathering of the weekend brought me this gal, Tiffany. We had on our heart shaped name tags and our connection was instant magic.

* A thousand people up and singing with Brené and Chris. And dancing. And tears.

* I was all nerves as I headed to an intimate gathering that I was honored to be invited to. As I started out these hearts met my feet. Thank you Universe. When I showed up at Kelly's studio I understood why I was there and how my purpose was deepening. Kelly slipped right into my heart and I feel as if we've been together before. Sometimes it is that easy. Magic.

Magic. And damn how I love heart-centered business.

Prayer. Feet. And the beauty.

When things are turned upside down and my insides are confused, knotted, these feet seek out the sand. The grains of time that set my body clock ticking again. A sanctuary that means no fighting kids, no internet, no decisions. Picnic packed and sun hat blowing in the breeze. The roughness of my edges softened, if only for these few moments.

And the beauty.

Rocks stuffed in our pockets, sand dripping from our toes. The prayer of the ocean. Remembering for a moment... almost feeling the butterflies of the first time we kissed.

Under the sheet. The wait. The reason I miss most appointments and am kicked out of practices. Sitting there, half naked waiting for another person to walk in fully clothed and talk to you as though this is normal. My feet go numb. I twist them and lift them until the blood moves again, matching the blood pounding in my heart. I leave with a urethra sore and aching, tests that try to discover why this loved 37 year old body is incontinent and often full of pain. I can heal. I will heal. I am healing.

And the beauty.

Looking in the mirror, silently remembering the prayers and blessings sent from this gorgeous community to my bladder and my spirit. Forgiving myself the slight ache of seeing the scale higher than previous comfort zones allowed.

The meditation circle in my little backyard. Needs dirt. Plants. A statue. My summer altar to sit at and sip coffee or calm my body. An early birthday gift to myself. A place to think of others. To send silent blessings, yes, I'm talking to you. Living in 900 square feet with three children and a dog creates a most desired longing for warm months. To extend living space and in a sense, my spiritual space. And yes, I so want to rearrange my living room around, something new for the summer solstice.

And the beauty.

Each day I walk closer to my spirit's calling. Prayers found in tea bags. Rocks from those beaches, lined up outside of my little bungalow. An introverts words, steps, breaths, time, silence, meditations while holding steaming mugs with painted nails.

And the beauty under your feet? Where are your prayers found?

Tattoos Kind of Like Babies

Three babies. Maybe three tattoos. We'll see. I've been playing around with a sharpie until I find just the right one.

I have three ideas in mind. They are permanent, yes. So are my babies, and I like them that way.

Here is a secret. I've tended to hide behind a fear of judgement. When my life rather abruptly looked me in the face a few years ago and I had to learn trust and faith, I got my nose pierced. I felt so brave and as though I was finally starting to become myself.

I had always wanted my nose pierced. Always.

I made a decision for myself without needing approval or being afraid of what anyone would say or think. That decision marked time for me. When I see my nose ring I think about that year of transformation which has led me to who I am now.

Last year was all about joy. I have been taking a journey through ritual, trust and magic and all along feathers have followed my journey. One of our beautiful joy up tribe members even sent me an envelope stuffed with feathers. I wore feather earrings, feathers in my hair. My mantra was I am love. My highly sensitive self is all about sharing that love and creating and working from a place of love.

So feathers and love and anchors and birds are visions dancing in my head. (You can go peek at my Pinterest board of Inspired Tats!) Maybe obvious, perhaps discreetly placed. Time will tell. No impulsive tattoos for me, I've been thinking and planning for a long time.

Each year I feel like I have stepped into my own skin that much more.

Wanna talk tattoos or the marking of time?

P.S. Surrender has begun with prep week, there is still time to join us! Would love to move through time with you.




Drinkable Carpet Cleaner + Heart Centered Marketing

Take-aways from my lovely encounter with the drinkable carpet cleaner:

:: Knock gently.

:: I may not need your service. This is important to know. Let me opt out with gentleness.

:: Tell me your story, but not so I feel bad for you, so I feel empowered by you and your choices.

:: Follow through on your promises. If you offer me an ingredient list, please show it to me. If you say you have something in your car and you'll be back later, don't stalk me on my own sidewalk and pull out scary men from big black cars. Ahem.

:: Know your s**t. Seriously, know it. You don't need to know everything, but be the expert in what you say you are.

:: If you tell me it is drinkable you might just need to pull out a shot glass and prove it to me.

Feel free to translate my marketing/sales advice to the Carpet Lady into your own business. Or if you need some support, check out all that Mamacoach Circle has to offer this month. Click right on the pictures to learn more and sign up!

The Energy of Us, Choice

I just told Chloe, who is distraught that her brother pushed her out of the way to grab a bug, to come from a place of love in her heart and not anger. She sort of made a face at me and then did just that. She got the next bug, no problem. The sun was out, garden play, lots of bugs. Yep.

I have not been writing easily the last few weeks and when someone asked me a question today, I knew that I would be able to write my answer. The reason is that I love to explore topics from a place of love and present them to you that way.

The question: What are my feelings about barter in businesses, mine or otherwise?

My very simple answer is that right away you know if it feels right. If it does, barter with all of your heart, love each other up. If it does not, simply a 'no thank you' is usually enough. We get to say yes or no, intuition or policy, yours to decide. Barter is much larger than a trade in my eyes, it is an energy exchange just like the receiving and giving of money is.

Now want the longer answer? Read on friends.

I grew up in a world of bartering, Wisconsin, where my mother was asked to assist as a midwife at a home birth. This was not the norm in the early 70's. Without knowing specifics, I do know that she was paid in quilts and bread and jam and a whole lot of gratitude. Bartering is a beautiful word to me, it means community, it means love, it means sharing what we have. Often it happens without the word barter ever being mentioned.

I also believe in abundance, in being paid what we are worth, in women pricing things in a way that values their work and the enormous energy they are crafting into their businesses, their art. I know that the first time I was paid a dollar amount that I was afraid to even think, let alone create a pay now button for, my feelings of abundance tripled. The abundance was already there, but I finally understood the honor of another woman trusting me enough to guide her life and business by paying a large amount of money. Scary, but a sacred beautiful feeling. I also felt abundance when over 200 women joined me in the first Joy UP and paid what felt right to them. Some paid nothing, others were generous to the point of tears in my eyes. It changed my life.

I am a stay at home, well, I guess a work a whole lot at home mama to three gorgeous, sassy, busy little bodies of joy. I started my business with less than 100 people knowing anything about what I was creating and no one paying me anything. I have in three years built a platform where I teach change and joy and complete adoration for heart centered marketing and foster community while helping provide monetarily for my family and myself, buying groceries and gas and recently, new brakes for my van. This is a blessing.

One of the reasons that I was able to bring my business to this place of growing abundance (and this is simply the beginning point) is through the love of others. My focus was around building community, being steeped in connections that would hug my business and my life. I don't see a separation between my work and my life. I am what you get, the yummy and yucky bits, all of me.

I reached out in all sorts of ways to other women doing work of their heart, mostly through pure affection for who they were and what they were doing in the world. I offered my courses for free to people when no one signed up. I still offer my courses for free to about 5 people each time I run one. The barter is an energy exchange, just like it is with money. Sometimes the energy exchange becomes a barter of product as a thank you, mostly I know that the more women who are experiencing my programs the further they go out into the world, and being able to gift them enhances my joy. I am able to connect with women who I admire and support and in return they go out of their way to share their experiences with their tribes.

Here is a secret. Many of the businesses you think are making a ton of money, are not. They are simply in the very early stages of their understanding of abundance, and often are budgeting their groceries just as you may be.

These women and I, who have built inspiring connections through our online lives, have gifted each other with our services or products, not out of desperation but out of a joyful wanting to do so.

Remember my short answer, if it doesn't feel good, no thank you. Send a blessing.

Michelle and I often will suggest to our clients just starting out that they reach out to mom bloggers and offer a free spot in their program. This is an implied barter, I gift you with this program because if you adore it and me, you'll help spread the word, help me promote. Community building, not sleezy, pure loving intentions to continue the journey into abundance. I've had clients just starting out barter for babysitting, editing, meals, you name it. This allowed their businesses to flourish. This, just as with money is an energy exchange. Energy, this is all of us, all of our world. Currency pays the bills and helps bring us to freedom, but so does some babysitting or promotion from a big name blogger who adores you. Energy. We get to choose.

There is a barter happening each time someone sends an ebook or course for review. Please accept this book in exchange for some kind words that will help me promote it. You may not think of it as such, but it is. I prefer the words energy exchange, you can call it what you like. We choose our currency, words, promotion, connection, money, inspiration...

I choose to do work in a way that allows me to offer free spots or do some bartering with women I adore who have heart centered businesses. I run a popular pay what feels good program and I have e-courses that can hold hundreds of women. I also do work where I exchange my energy for money only, as in my private coaching.

One more secret. Not everyone is where we are on the journey into understanding abundance. Many of the women who join my pay what feels good program do not have any idea yet of how to feel abundant. Knowing abundance is not part of their experience. I love uniting with women in this place, I love being a teacher on their journey, one reason I do this work. Again, my choice, I love to be able to do work in this way. If it stops feeling good, I'll change it.

Most often I am asked if people can make payments, rather than pay all at once. I love that they ask, rather than just not joining. Same goes with barter, when we are motivated, we explore our options. I once asked to trade raw cheesecake, as in me making it, in exchange for a seat at a conference. I did not make cheesecake but ended up winning a free ticket to the conference. Motivation. Trust. Coming from a place of love in your heart.

These women who say, "I'm sorry I wish I could pay more" often do pay more later on, often for private coaching once they see how a shift in coaching changes their lives. I love this transformation.

As I wrote this today a package arrived in the mail. In it was something I had ordered from a beautiful mama artist. She included other treats for me as a thank you for the pay what feels good program. The package smelled of lavender and the connection we are making is pure loving energy. 

I am led strongly by my intuition as I run my business. I am led by intuition when I coach my beautiful tribes of women. I am led by intuition when I start a new project, the one that is tingling inside and wants to burst forth.

These words I share now are not to imply that I am doing my work of the heart the way you should.

Quite the opposite. They are to say that we all have an intuition of how and why. It is a glimpse of my world. Wisconsin born. Energy lovin'. The things that don't feel right to us can be discovered from a place of love, a simple no thank you and then send our blessings knowing that we are all approaching our lives from where we are, from what feels good or hopeful or deliciously simple and beautiful.

Come from a place of love in your heart, in your business and tap into the intuitive person you are. Your passionate heart centered work guides you, so you know when to say no thank, or I would love to connect that way with you. Thank you.

And always send that blessing.


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Make space in your life for you.

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Daddy Space ~ Lesson from a Tree

Welcome back Patrick who shares some daddy space with us today. We celebrate our 18th shared birthday together tomorrow. This picture is from a magical space in Washington when I was 22 and Patrick was 25.


You need balance.

Unfortunately the substance of life does not have a unit of measure.  It cannot be dished out in even scoops.

Balance is hard but without it your life will tip over.

You also need passion.

The surest way to live an unfulfilled life is to live a life devoid of passion.  

It is difficult for passion and balance to exist together, in harmony.  Passion is an imbalanced drive, desire toward a person, object or goal.  Passion is single-mindedness.   

Balance and Passion.  Yin and Yang.  Passion is the trunk, branches and leaves of the tree. Balance the root system below, that no one sees, keeping the tree firmly grounded.  Both vital to the survival of the tree.  As the trunk thickens and more and more sun gathering leaves sprout, so does the tree extend its roots to support that new growth.

How can both Passion and Balance exist in your life?

One of my mentors, Dave Tate, coined the co-existence of these life forces, Blast and Dust.  As a powerlifter and entrepreneur Blast mode was always a competition cycle or product launch away.  A total and all out focus on the goal.  Eventually, competition day comes and goes, the product gets launched and you are Dust.  Dust is the yogic equivalent of ‘back to center.’  It allows your roots to grow with your branches.

The lesson in this is that on a day to day basis balance is difficult to see and achieve, but on a week to week, month to month basis it is mandatory for long term survival and happiness. The beauty of it is that the largest trees also have the largest root system.  

Be a tree. 

A call to meditate and unite, please join us

(Photo Credit Marisa Pictures)

A 30 minute live call to join together in meditation and community and to call on joy's spirit and soul uniting a gorgeous tribe of women.

September 22nd, 8:30pm Eastern Time (hopefully that can include some of you in different time zones)

The call will be recorded and sent out to everyone on the list so sign up even if you are unsure you can call in.

The energy live will be beautiful.

The Soul of Joy

A beautiful day and bountiful ways to find sisterhood

Today is the first day of The Joy UP. I'll share a few words with you from our first day.

"Joy wants you to see her depth and understand that she is always wanting to be with you. Joy believes in you and will lift you up when you start to make a practice of rituals that feed your spirit."

If you haven't joined us yet, we are waiting for you.

Because beautiful things happen together, please share in the awesomeness of this online magazine. It will add yet another layer of joy to your day, your month, your sisterhood. The first one left me with moments to stop and pause, become inspired and feel connected. #2 is available today.

And yes, I am a proud affiliate. 'Cause it rocks.


Click here to visit Wild Sister.

Why JOY?

I chose, or perhaps it chose me, Joy as my guiding word for this year. I did not know then that I would be called to lead The Joy UP, though looking back it makes perfect sense. Women who were seeking more joy started to come into my life, holding joy as their intention and looking for ways to connect deeper into this state of joy that sometimes we feel far removed from.

I wanted to know, can there be joy in washing the dishes? Can we find joy even if we disagree with someone we love? Does joy exist within sadness and grief? And a big one for me, how I can hold onto joy in being a mother when I listen to my kids fight or have 30 minute melt down tantrums?

When I lost my first pregnancy at 16 weeks nearly 10 years ago, something started to happen inside of me that would not fully become apparent until this year. Even though I was in so much pain and struggling with depression I also had an ability to laugh and smile in a new way because each time I entered into joy through my depression I was choosing it. I was conscious of just how beautiful life was, how precious, how amazing. My story involved more pregnancy losses, severe postpartum depression and PTSD along with my marriage facing dissolution. I have chosen to allow that story to be a part of the journey, the adventure and my way into living a joyous life. We all have our stories. We all move through this space of life with the ability to decide how we want to feel, while doing the dishes, paying our bills or waking up in the morning.

I have learned that joy has depth, it is not one color or shape or size. It fits itself into our lives when we choose to move through resistance and into the allowing of how truly amazing we are. How good it can feel to wash dishes and look at a clean sink. How lovely it can be to refocus our children's energy and focus when they are at odds or play a game of go fish while a tantrum unfolds. How beautiful it is to honor that we don't always agree and that is OK. To sometimes do nothing but sit and breathe.

This is not to say we are going to feel good all the time. No, we are going to feel PMS and pain and sadness and depression. We are going to have anxiety and fears.

But joy asks us to allow those feelings to wash through us. Joy asks us not to resist. It may want us to have a long cry or run so fast we can hardly breathe. Joy asks us to start to love who we are, now. NOW. Joy whispers to each of us, you are enough. You are love. You are an un-freaking-believably gorgeous creature in the Universe.

Feel that. That is what these 10 days are about. Feeling so un-freaking-believably gorgeous in your world that it creates more and more and more.

That is joy.

Help me reach my goal of uniting 200 women in joy. Like this post or share it with the women in your life. Some have gifted it to their friends. Can you imagine the feeling of knowing that 199 other women are united in one purpose? Can we do it?

Happy Friday from the Mini-Van ~ Mini Manifesting Gal

The power of being where you want to be is in you right now. It starts with the shift in how you feel and what you focus on.

The forum I mention at the end is here, a place for women business owners to connect, support and thrive, it's only $29, the most affordable online community!

Love to hear from you and add your voice to the conversation!

Happy Friday From the Mini-Van ~ Mini Manifesting Gal from Hannah Marcotti on Vimeo.

Mama's Nu-Nu

Around the time Lucas was due to arrive most of my friends had weaned their second children and were not having a third. The talk was of boobs. I think there was more talk about boobs when we weren't nursing. The chatter was about how the boobs were now deflated and even the best of bras couldn't help.

I nursed for almost 8 years without stopping. I had a couple of months off right before Lucas was born. I tandem nursed Chloe and Eli. My boobs used to work hard. It was second nature to hear a fuss and move the babe to my breast. My nummy. My nu-nu. (Yes, children name them.) I went from a size AB to a CD depending on the amount of milk production at the time. It was not easy for me to have larger breasts because I had always associated my weight with my breasts. When I would lose weight, my boobs would also lose weight. I liked being thin. I liked having little boobs.

Listening to women talk about life after nursing was hard for me. It was mostly done in fun, but underneath I knew that there were body image issues that were taking hold as these women looked in the mirror and saw what was now their shape. After you are done nursing your breasts sort of dip down, they are a different shape. They are smaller. They feel a bit more floppy. Often they are called deflated.

Knowing in my heart that Lucas was the last baby I would nurse I was secretly awaiting my new boobs. I was so tired of carrying around these heavy leaking milk makers, as much as I loved nursing. And I really did love nursing. I never used a bottle or pacifier with any of my kids, it was me. All me.

I wanted to be small again, going against all the talk that was coming from the women around. My nursing boobs used to draw attention, I was ready to go back to small. Deflated seemed harsh, these women are beautiful creatures. Gorgeous really. I saw them move from nursing their children and grow into women from the mothers they had become.

I get a little teary when I look at my nursing pictures. Sometimes I miss the feeling of my kids being so small and so close. Lucas and Chloe were tough, they wanted to nurse so much I often couldn't breathe. That part makes me tear up a little too. Knowing that somehow I got through the sleepless nights, the demands of only wanting me. How lost I would feel sometimes.

Mama's nu-nu are now Hannah's breasts again. They occasionally get poked and questioned about their purpose from Lucas who just barely remembers.

Mama, are those your nu-nu? I used to drink those nu-nu's milk?

They are not that small. I am not that small. I don't diet anymore and that means my body is larger than it used to be. At least for now. Loving my body includes my breasts. I love them, love having them back as just a part of me. I love that they worked so hard, gave so much. I don't mind the dip, the new shape, the bit of deflate they have. I actually love them more than I ever did.

Our body issues run deep. Whether you have nursed or not, breasts carry such strong importance to how we feel about ourselves. They are our feminine, our curve, our sensuality. Let's not use them as a way to continue to find another thing wrong with our body.

Love them. Love you.

My nu-nu taught me so much about who I am. We've got to love that person. Honor our shape, our beauty.

Truly it can start there.