February Visions

If you don't believe something is possible, start where you do believe. You don't have to dream bigger than what you are ready to believe. So many of us get caught up here. Tap into your intuition, that voice inside that wants to guide you to your truth. It isn't going to look like anyone else's vision because it is yours.

It is OK to start small and let your visions evolve as you do. We hold ourselves back because we get stuck in the believing. So we stop, we don't continue on. What if we start with what we can believe and as we see those things manifest we move on and on and on. That switch, it will flip but it takes some practice and work and lots of loving ourselves up.

It is also OK to be where you are. If something was a dream or a vision but no longer is, move on, let go. There is so much more waiting for you.

Wanna join me in boarding this New Moon? What do you truly believe? Let's get to work on that!

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