Tattoos Kind of Like Babies

Three babies. Maybe three tattoos. We'll see. I've been playing around with a sharpie until I find just the right one.

I have three ideas in mind. They are permanent, yes. So are my babies, and I like them that way.

Here is a secret. I've tended to hide behind a fear of judgement. When my life rather abruptly looked me in the face a few years ago and I had to learn trust and faith, I got my nose pierced. I felt so brave and as though I was finally starting to become myself.

I had always wanted my nose pierced. Always.

I made a decision for myself without needing approval or being afraid of what anyone would say or think. That decision marked time for me. When I see my nose ring I think about that year of transformation which has led me to who I am now.

Last year was all about joy. I have been taking a journey through ritual, trust and magic and all along feathers have followed my journey. One of our beautiful joy up tribe members even sent me an envelope stuffed with feathers. I wore feather earrings, feathers in my hair. My mantra was I am love. My highly sensitive self is all about sharing that love and creating and working from a place of love.

So feathers and love and anchors and birds are visions dancing in my head. (You can go peek at my Pinterest board of Inspired Tats!) Maybe obvious, perhaps discreetly placed. Time will tell. No impulsive tattoos for me, I've been thinking and planning for a long time.

Each year I feel like I have stepped into my own skin that much more.

Wanna talk tattoos or the marking of time?

P.S. Surrender has begun with prep week, there is still time to join us! Would love to move through time with you.