Goodnight beautiful day.

Nightly blessing:: Goodnight beautiful day.

Like the owl gliding silently in the night, I am wise.

Just as the blue heron stands, wait-full, I am stillness.

With my hands placed together at heart center, touching and silent, I am love.

“We all shine the moon and the stars and the sun...we all shine on...come on and on and on...”  ~ John Lennon


Blessing 1

Blessing 2

Goodnight beautiful day.

A nightly blessing.

Curled up:: heart cracked wide open receiving the blessings that can now enter.

Feeling:: the slight shift of weather, a cool breeze blowing against the thoughts of sweaters wrapped around my body.

Soft gaze:: searching for the color, the gratitude of this body.

Wanting:: stillness, softness, connection from heart to heart to heart to heart to heart to heart to heart...

Reflecting:: on how one moment, one message can change everything.

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." -Buddha