Transformation of Teeth and Trees

What was once flat along the sidewalk. Luckily the tree fell into the street and not onto a house.

During Irene, our East Coast hurricane, we listened in our house to the sound of trees breaking and falling. The first time I heard it I thought the sound was of rolling thunder across the sky. I looked out to see the tree in the little park in front of my house fallen. Over the next few minutes more cracks and falls and breaks, littering the streets only feet away from us with trees.

My superman with his 6 year old toothless grin.

Trees fell, teeth were lost just as power was regained and the energy shift in the air after the storm was intense.

During the storm I was fighting back the feeling of utter annoyance. I have mentioned before that I live in a teeny tiny house, and those walls felt even smaller with unpacked suitcases and a room that was completely taken apart for painting. You know those times when you just want to pick a fight to get that weird energy dispersed? Patrick will let you know I accomplished my goal.

The day after the storm the transformation of earth, energy and sky could be felt in my body. Others commented on the same feeling of having been through a transformation and what was opened none of us quite sure. We were certain that it was positive.

Watching the logs picked up all day by about 8 different trucks I whispered gratitude that we were all safe. I felt the sensation that comes over me when I previously have melted down and felt despair and loss. It hurts inside when you hear and see trees fall. It is conflicting to like the feeling of the wild wind and know that it brings destruction.

It is glorious to stand in the sun after the witness of our magical mysterious universe and feel the transformation.