Rain Re-Frame

Wednesday is my work day, the kids are with some friends and a babysitter and I have 6 hours to "work." (I find it strange to call what I do work, although the marketing, yes, work.) Our babysitter was unable to come due to a family emergency and I went from having plans to meet with a colleague for a power meeting of the minds, looking at office space, and marketing work, to being home with lots of children. 5 in all. Some re-framing was in order.

That's where the camera comes in. When you look from behind the lens at the moments that seem ordinary and boring things change. Playing with blocks while the big kids watch a movie in the only air conditioned room becomes quite special. It only lasts 4 minutes with the tower destroyer, but we had fun.

I focused on what was happening, rather than all that wasn't, watched the rain pour down, missed photographing the dress up, listened to endless requests for food.

Fed kids countless times, to the point where they were eating dry granola because there wasn't milk of the almond or rice or other varieties around.

Felt joy in a sink with no dirty dishes, I have no dishwasher, just these two hands! I am claiming victory over those fruit flies.

Snuck in some time to read some of our favorites since Chloe was little, and sipped a hot cup of tea.

Eating continued, a bowl of kettle corn for my group found it's way to the kids and homemade pizza of the easiest variety for lunch. It was gobbled up so fast I had to make more to take a picture, and then it was gobbled up just as quickly.

Did you do any rain re-frame?

Easiest Pizza Ever

1 brown rice tortilla (Trader Joe's is my source)

3 Tb pasta sauce on top of the tortilla

1/4 cup or so grated raw cheddar cheese on the sauce

In 350 degree oven, bake the pizza on cookie sheet for about 15 minutes or until cheese is bubbling. Have fun adding other toppings, pesto is quite nice. I top my pizza after it cools a bit with lettuce and cucumber dressed with balsamic dressing and enjoy pizza and a salad all in one.