The Soul of Joy

(Photo Credit Marisa Pictures)

Among stomach bugs, birthdays and tracking down the smell of puppy poop (under Lucas' mattress, yes it was) I have been dreaming of this call. To join our energy, to unite, to make space. To move from the dishes and make a cup of tea. To sit and listen. To absorb the truth that you are worth that time, that space.

Women coming together to take 30 minutes to honor themselves and their story. 30 minutes of spirit and the soul of joy.

A 30 minute live call to join together in meditation and community and to call on joy's spirit and soul uniting a gorgeous tribe of women.

September 22nd, tomorrow night!!!!! 8:30pm Eastern Time (hopefully that can include some of you in different time zones)

The call will be recorded and sent out to everyone on the list so sign up even if you are unsure you can call in.

The energy live will be beautiful.

The Soul of Joy