Drinkable Carpet Cleaner + Heart Centered Marketing

Take-aways from my lovely encounter with the drinkable carpet cleaner:

:: Knock gently.

:: I may not need your service. This is important to know. Let me opt out with gentleness.

:: Tell me your story, but not so I feel bad for you, so I feel empowered by you and your choices.

:: Follow through on your promises. If you offer me an ingredient list, please show it to me. If you say you have something in your car and you'll be back later, don't stalk me on my own sidewalk and pull out scary men from big black cars. Ahem.

:: Know your s**t. Seriously, know it. You don't need to know everything, but be the expert in what you say you are.

:: If you tell me it is drinkable you might just need to pull out a shot glass and prove it to me.

Feel free to translate my marketing/sales advice to the Carpet Lady into your own business. Or if you need some support, check out all that Mamacoach Circle has to offer this month. Click right on the pictures to learn more and sign up!

Spreading the love:: Podcasts, Mamas, Space

Some of my favorite women are doing some things that are knocking my socks off and it is all a karmic energy exchange. I have lots of opinions on free which I'll share with you Tuesday on Build Your Tribe, for now let's just say, these women are rocking the karma.

I am honored to have collaborated in various ways with these women and find so much joy in their messages and passions.

Behind the Blog :: I'm honored to be the first guest, even more excited to hear the voice of all the amazing bloggers to come. You know I'm all about programs of the heart, this is Erin's. We'll be on her Facebook page at 8:30pm Eastern this Saturday (11/12/11) for a little chatty-time and we want to hear from you and have you enter the conversation.

New Mama Recharge :: I remember those days like it was yesterday. My first baby had colic and I felt so isolated and lost. By the third I was a pro. This is going to be the best play date you can find online and Michelle is a perfect host to guide you through those new mom days. She has shared so openly her encounter with PPD after the birth of her gorgeous boy and she is reaching out to all new moms, spreading the message that you are not alone. Ever.

Hip Mountain Mama Giveaway :: This is a giveaway that asks you to do one thing. Pay it forward with gratitude. I just love that, and wanted to share with you. Suzy is a special woman and I'm so proud to call her a friend.

Making Space, 22 letters from me to you :: This is my karmic free. A book of letters about making more space in your life. I hope just the right one finds you when you need those words, in that moment. xo

And if you have something going on in the karmic free world, leave a comment with a link down below and let's spread the word.

Happy Full Moon tonight and Martinmas tomorrow (here is the story)!