Doing it all ~ A free call for holistic entrepreneurs


When Michelle and I started planning this call, I had a moment. A moment where I said to myself, whoops. I have not been following my own advice the last few weeks. And as a result my body got sick. And I slept, and slept and slept. I'm just starting to come out of it and getting back to the rhythm and ritual that allow my days to flow and for me to feel supported.

We are going to break down that little phrase, doing it all. And in the meantime, I'm going to keep asking for more and more support - oh that is a hard one for me!

Doing It All

A free call for holistic health and wellness entrepreneurs

Monday Dec. 12, 2011 at 8:30pm ET
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Can’t make that time? Sign up anyway, we’ll send you a recording of the call afterwards.

If you do make the call live, because we really, really want you with us and since it is December...lots of gifts are going to be given away to those on the call. Tea, Gift Certificates, Art, Books, Chocolate and more! But you need to be on the call live for the fun gifts!

How do you do it all? Huh?

We assume others are doing everything. And doing it better than us, right? Um. Let’s get real for a second about family balance, routine, having enough time and the varied roles we play.

Here’s the truth to doing it all:

You don’t. We don’t either. And you shouldn’t stress yourself out trying.

Here’s another truth:

You get to do what you love and what you choose.

Join us for this 45 minute teleseminar so Michelle and I can show you crazy simple ways to make your business and life work within your family structure. We are going to talk about the times when things are going really well and also how to handle those darker days, when you are feeling funky and a bit lost.

Imagine how it would feel to be the rockstar of your own life. No more dreaming about being someone else or doing it exactly how they do.

On this call you’ll learn to:

- Dig deeper to ignite passion (and income) into your business.
- Create your own rituals to bring joy into your family.
- Redefine balance on your terms, knowing that you have enough time for all you need it for.
- Be who you are, and make that truth your steppingstone to success.

Want to do more? Want to do better? Where are you struggling?

Ask your questions on our Facebook page before the call and each one will be answered. We want to hear from you and know what challenges you are facing so we can help you move closer to the life you are dreaming about.
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