I'm so thirsty and in other news...

Sorry the picture is so fuzzy, my web cam is not super duper, I've put in a manifestation request for an iphone!

Beautiful words that I've read on the www and wanted to share in hopes of inspiring you. Words can change your day, your story, your limitations, or just allow you to laugh.

  • "When I pushed the envelope, asked for one more chance, I got the answer I’d been looking for."

-You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

  • "People who have done this work are some of the most available, deep and non-reactive people I have met.  They are fully available to be in the present because the past has no grip on them."

-Turn Your Attention to the Arrow in Your Heart

  • "Hey, I know. I am married. But ladies...is there ANYONE of us who is dead?? We notice. I mean...come on. WE notice. Yes...I am talking to YOU!"

-laughter is the best medicine:granny panties

  • "Burdens are the foundations of ease and bitter things the forerunners of pleasure."

-The Foundations of Ease   (This is my new fav quote!)

  • "Now, you might say that yoga is inside, that we don’t or shouldn’t need a teacher or a studio to be a certain way in order to find our inner peace. Well. Maybe you don’t. I do."

-My yoga adventure, requiring lots of quarters

  • "I feel love and compassion and appreciation more deeply in my soul for everyone on the planet.  I feel like smiling more at strangers, offering more patience to my kids, and living my life more mindfully."

-A Meaningful View

  • "Struggle is hard, no matter how you paint it. But living in scarcity doesn’t have to be struggle. That’s completely up to you."

-The Joy of Scarcity  (Meet my new internet crush, you'll see why!)

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Have a beautiful weekend and I'll be back on Sunday with the winner of the giveaway!