5,436 to 2,224

Now that is what action looks like. Though I will admit I thought about it a lot. I even spent quite a bit of time defending the 5,436 that kept growing and growing. I am now committed to zero.

Zero e-mails in my inbox. Yes, I have a bit of work to do before hitting the magical zero, labels to create so I don't lose things I need, google docs to copy passwords into and a calendar to actually set up and start using. All of this to get to zero. Zero in the inbox.

Those of you who would never dream of keeping 5,000 plus e-mails, may not understand the why of this habit. Those of you who have them, know the anxiety that keeping them and then deciding to delete/organize them can create.

I have a tendency to hold onto things. (That's what I thought at first.) It turns out that what actually happens is I don't create systems to work for me. Everything I do eventually becomes harder because I have to back track, search, remember. With systems in place things start to work themselves out. It's just like chicken night every Tuesday. It's a system for success and creating ritual.

It's a little Holiday gift to myself. Support.

I have been blessed to have technical and design support that speaks for itself on my site. I have a support system of colleagues and family. But I was in burnout.

I recently hired someone to do my billings and finances for my business. He also is going to help me with some more technical aspects of writing that I will be able to share with my clients, such as understanding fats, etc. The fact that he is my husband will allow us to feel a part of this business together.

I recently found the best babysitter, who not only loves Lucas, but also makes sure my house is clean when I come home. No, I am not giving you her number, sorry. I am doubling the time she stays with Lucas and his friend so that I don't burn out. (Great tip for babysitting, get another mom to share babysitting time with, split the cost and your child has a playmate while you are gone.)

With my systems in place I know exactly what I need to work on.

I am saying yes to anyone who offers to help me, even though my first instinct is to scream no! I'm fine. Because, it's not possible to do it all alone. I don't want to.

Those 2,224 little reminders show there is always a different way to approach something. There are more greens to eat, new ways to try moving your body and a kind word after a fight. Take some time today to look around for your reminders and thank them as you try a different approach.