The program of my heart.

This has been brewing for some time. It is so easy to talk yourself out of doing something.

It isn't the right time. Does anyone need this? What if it fails?

I've learned how to use those voices as my radar of what I must do. I ask myself, "Can I not do this?" If the answer is, "I can't not do this" I know that I will push through the voices and the doubts.

I want you to take that and apply it to your life. That yoga training you have been dreaming about or the blog you are scared to hit publish on. The first chapter of the book you want to write or the mountain you want to climb.

Reach into this question. Look at it. Lean into its little secret for you.

What would it mean if you didn't do it? What would the consequences to your happiness and passion be?

Live in the "I can't not do this" and watch your joy unfold. Join us for this pay what you like program all about increasing your joy, your purpose, your passion and your gorgeous. .

This is the program of my heart, and when you can't not do something, amazing things start to unfold. Join us...