Feeding The Whole Family With a Gift (From Cynthia Lair)

I wrote about my Mother's Day last year, mostly about wishing for a little time alone, or with my ladies...some time off from my mothering and nurturing to be nurtured. Last year I was in the process of getting back to myself, finding more than just mothering. What a journey that has been! Amazing moments and adventures (I went to Florida on my own for 4 days) to events that made me question things on a deep level. As a family we have been looking for ways to find balance and place emphasis on meeting all of our needs without sacrificing our beliefs and family values. I'll share just a few.

Example: More computer time during the week for the kids, but no, we will not now or ever have a video game!

Example: I won't break the bank and have a kombucha every day, just a couple a week.

Example: Gym time for my husband is now at night; he gets to work out with his power lifting friends and we get his company without rushing in the morning.

Example: Patrick and Hannah will have a conversation together that goes uninterrupted by children, and feel no guilt.

Example: Still eating fresh, healthy foods, yet simplifying so that one night we might have scrambled eggs and popcorn.

Example: Currently interviewing babysitters so I can take my business and relationship (heard of date night?) to the next level.

In honor of mothering and values and great food, how about a little give-away, a signed copy of Cynthia Lair's book, Feeding The Whole Family. I am thrilled that Cynthia works to promote healthy, simple food and throws in a bit of humor along the way. Having her words and signature in the book adds energy and promise to the mission of quality ingredients for yummy meals.

This Mother's Day I will be out gathering some plants for my garden (which my guy and kids will be building me); most likely I will be pampered with homemade cards (hint, hint) and scrambled eggs with lots of fresh veggies mixed in. I will probably find myself smothered with love from my family and perhaps, at some point, I will find myself alone. The alone that allows me to reflect, re-energize and remember how I became a mother.

To enter the give-away for a signed copy of Cynthia's book, tell us what you will be doing for Mother's Day this year in the comments. Let your friends know on FB and twitter, post another comment for more chances at winning. Contest will close Monday, May 10th Thursday, May 13th at 9pm Eastern and randomly drawn for the winner. Happy Mother's Day! Contest Closed.

Congrats to Bernadette!

I love this book and have been hogging it from the library! I had hoped to go to a Sheep & Wool Festival in NH, but we are staying put instead. Honestly, I feel blessed to have my Mom another year and blessed to BE a Mom, so really what more could I ask?…Oh, OK, maybe a little uninterrupted knitting time…maybe on the beach?……