Voices. Lists. Simple.

In my weekly letter (you can sign up on the right over there) I asked my tribe to make a list, on a sticky note or for the fridge, of simple. The responses were so beautiful and inspired me to dig a little bit deeper into my simple. I am going to share some of these voices with you.

As we explore simple, think about what you are looking for in your life. Is it to make space for joy and purpose in your life, your health, even your relationships?

Starting with simple can challenge us. We say we want it, but what is it really? I want us to know.

From Sara:

::Putting my coffee mug and its matching lid, two bowls and two spoons (for my kids’ cereal), in the same spot in the very front of the dishwasher, so every morning I don’t have to hunt for them

From Elizabeth:

::Accept what is

::Help my kids be who they are, not who I want them to be

::Model self-control


::Be in my body

::Nurture myself, do not wait/expect others to do it. Even if its Mothers Day. Especially if its Mothers Day. (can I just say, yes, yes, yes)

From Betsy: (read her whole list here)

::A chapter of Harry Potter – I try to read on the elliptical or treadmill most days

::Neti pot – this little thing has let me really breathe for the first time in years

::A love note from my husband – the other night he left a note on my pillow thanking me for all I do. Wow.

From Lisa:

::Soft and long embrace from my hubby. Let’s me know things are okay

::Kissing pecks from my babies, Kate and Jack, and how they laugh so hard kissing me on the cheek

::Long bike ride with wind in my face

::My choco-banana green smoothie that fills me up

::Sunshine ~absorbing every bit of it

From Rita:

::put my essentials in my jacket pocket instead of lugging around a purse

::pay attention to what I feel (how I feel is a first priority)


::see my kids the spiritual beings that they are

::slow down when I feel pressure

::get off the computer by 4pm and hang with my family

From Patrick, my guy:

::A cup of good coffee

::A good book

::Hannah's laugh

::Snuggling with Eli

My Simple 10

::Rain boots - took me years to buy some, now they make rainy days simple

::Hummus - bought from the store, I don't have to always make it

::A kiss - from or to someone

::Clean sheets - bringing so much joy and renewal

::Asking for help - it is so much harder to do it all without support

::Hot tea - I really could drink it hot and stop leaving it to get cold

::Tissues and toilet paper - having enough so they are there when I need them

::Making the bed - all of 2 minutes, right, and a whole lot of happiness

::Putting my keys in the same place every time - yep

::Feeling my feelings now, not later - I am going to keep learning this one over and over

Simple becomes a system, a rhythm that we must create. Sometimes simple is eliminating, often it is adding. Simple knows no limits, it can stretch its magic into places you never imagined it could go. If you let it.

Share your list in the comments with us.

Close your eyes for just a minute before you think of your simple and just let your mind be still. Chances are in the stillness you are going to get lots of simple.

What To Do

Cherry Green Smoothie

1 cup baby romaine leaves

1 cup frozen cherries

1 banana

2 Tb coconut oil

2 cups water

1 Tb raw cacao

1/4 English cucumber

Blend it up, sip slowly.

I wish I had made a list of To-Dos a few days ago when I was super-woman. I love to cross off accomplished tasks. I have resisted list making in the past as I always lost my list or forgot about it, or "the dog ate it" somewhere along the way. Now, I must list to function as a business woman and mother of 3 high energy little loves and partner to a guy who needs some me time also.

There are the lists that are big, big long term stuff and there are the day to day. Last night my husband and I crossed off one of the big ones. We have gone out on dates before (a couple of times I clearly remember).  A friend or family member will watch the kids, but this time we hired a babysitter.

I am working hard to take some of my own advice surrounding getting support as a mother. Our role as mothers starts from the moment that baby presents itself to us in the form of a pregnancy test! It is vital to have support to get through each phase of motherhood. Last night as I crossed off a big goal on my list I felt proud. I was actually a nervous wreck last night, but I'll be better the next time. So today I sit on the computer as the baby sleeps, with my smoothie in hand and work on the next list. I am currently adding some big, BIG things to my long term goals and as for the short term, let's see.

  1. Water the plants
  2. Order books from amazon
  3. Prepare for tonight's sessions with clients
  4. Put a load of laundry in
  5. Put away the rest of the groceries
  6. E-mail Patrick and check in
  7. Remember to pick Eli up from school
  8. Breathe
  9. Finish Newsletter
  10. Freeze half of the pesto (oh you should know about that)

Arugula Sunflower and Almond Pesto

3 cups or so of baby arugula (you can mix in some other baby greens if you have them)

2 garlic cloves

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup sliced almonds

1/2 cup or more good quality olive oil (this part is so important)

juice of 1 lemon

sea salt and pepper

In a food processor or high speed blender, process or blend the ingredients together. You may need more oil, be sure to scrape down the sides often until you have a smooth texture. Check for seasonings.

I plan to serve this over tortellini for the kids tonight. Recently they discovered tortellini and though I am mostly  a gluten-free cook, I am indulging them in this treat. So tonight it will be monster tortellini and I'm sure I will hear a grumble or two until they taste it and realize that the green goo isn't so bad. I am going to freeze the rest and use for a vegetable gratin of some sort. I'll get back to you on that.

Have you crossed off any big to-dos lately? Find some support and start crossing off!