My real talk about six days of no alcohol


The first thing I ask you to do in this reset is to switch alcohol with water or fizzy water drinks or, like I did, herbal tea. For six days.

On the seventh day, we will look at how you are/feel/want. That seventh day is the heart of the reset. It is where the data you collect gives you choice.

Choice is your superpower. 

I am imagining a few responses to the alcohol release reset.

  1. I don't drink. Easy. What else have you got for me?

  2. I have been wanting some space from alcohol, this is perfect for me right now to have the support of others doing this with me. 

  3. Um, nope.

Now group 3, you are my people. I was in the um, nope category until last year. I loved to drink, I thought I was quite good at it.

Releasing alcohol for six days will be harder for this group, it will test you. You will think about it and want it, your body will begin a slow detox or you just won't do this reset because,um, nope.

What happens when you give yourself six days free from being altered from a substance that doesn't allow you to be the fullest expression of who you are is magical. And scary. It is freedom and prison. It is expansion and contraction somehow swirling together.

I honestly thought releasing alcohol was the stupidest idea until one day it felt like the only way forward. If you are in this third group, I want you to know I'll be there, with you. Pouring more tea than seems reasonable and hoarding boxes of Lacroix in my van so my kids can't drink it all. 

I went from thinking not drinking was stupid to sourcing a sacred, open, free, expansive, beautiful, glowing life. I had no idea what living unaltered could be like. I had no idea what I was capable of, who I could truly become without it.

I had no idea how much it was taking from me, from my ability to love and connect and be inside of my life.

I am so wildly passionate about living this way that it is the foundation of this reset. For six days I want you to know that you can, that you deserve, that you are that worthy.