Reset Wildthing, Reset : a summer awakening


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What if you could step into the first day of summer with a full body and spirit awakening?

What if healing was something you woke up inside of rather than waiting for something to go wrong?

What if you could feel yourself inside of your life, connected and turned on?

What if energy was your renewable resource based on your daily choices?

What if weekly resets with the adoration of other women lifting you could guide you into summer feeling joy, calm and presence?

What if you could expand time, lead with compassion and deepen your conversations with the Universe?

What if your future self could ask these practices of you and promise you in return, three resets (weeks) later, your Wildthing spirit return?


I used to feel highly disappointed in myself, on repeat. I wanted to read more, I didn’t. I would dream of daily walks in the woods and then sit on my ass thinking about them some more. I wished I had more energy then would drink a bottle of wine. I had writing and learning dreams and then the phone would be in my hand and I would scroll, scroll, scroll and look at all the people who instantly would feed into my feelings of less than.

On the outside I looked highly productive, I was making good money, kids were seemingly fine, I had manifested a partner. But I was broken inside. I was disconnected from my integrity. I could feel myself falling further and further away from my life. I was functioning to make it all work, but I couldn’t feel myself inside of it.

Sometimes I would take vitamins. Every so often I’d buy a book, start it, leave it, no book would be finished. I kept thinking about those woods I could walk in. I was having great sex, but so much of it was make up sex after fighting; I was dreaming about the kind of sex that was like restorative yoga. Every time I sipped red wine my face would break out in these hot red hives and my fingers would swell, so I switched to white.

I have a rebel tendency which means I’m likely to say no before yes even if I want to and that anyone else telling me what to do triggers me into not wanting to. Here is the catch, even with myself. I will instantly push against anything I want to do. This can make change challenging, except for this one little trick I call, trying her on.

It might be my years of theatre or my enneagram four fantasy world, trying things on, playing inside of who I want to become, allows me to flow into change without the rebel yell of NO. My becoming is my guide as I try her on.

The other thing that was making change difficult was the idea of such long term commitments, 21 days, 28 days, 30 days; I couldn’t wrap my brain around that, I was quitting before I began.

So I made a little game that became known as resets.

Six days of trying something on, full on, all in. Then on the seventh day, rest and integration and the data collecting of how I felt, what worked, what I loved.

If I felt amazing and could feel myself more inside of my life, I kept the reset going for another six days while adding in a new reset on top of it.

I knew that I would only need to make space for change for six days then I would be invited back into choice.

I’ve been doing weekly resets for a year now and I feel awake, alive, connected, worthy, adored, valued, energized. I’ve shifted time, adding hours to my day even though it seems like I’ve taken on doing more. I am led by the ritual of my practices and the celebrations of simplicity.

All the things I’ve thought about doing for years, I now do, and they have transformed how I fit into my life.


Since starting my resets I…

am alcohol, caffeine, grain (while I manage panic attacks) and dairy free.

ended my salt addiction and have lowered my blood pressure.

walk in the woods daily, even in the pouring rain.

take vitamins, krill oil, cbd, and other supplements that support me.

have finished, finished, three books and started reading fiction again.

don’t go to sleep with dishes in the sink.

practice connected, calm, ritualized sex with my partner which helps both of us sleep better.

am learning about and diffuse essential oils in the house to support myself and my kids.

spend time in quiet/meditation or with a guided meditation.

have started cold water swims on weekends to reset my nervous system. (When I don’t want to my kids scream, “Mom, reset reset!!!”)

make magnesium foot baths with herbs and oils to calm my body.

infuse my days with Spiritstyle for who I am trying to embody, often athletic Spiritstyle now.

am studying and learning tarot, doing daily reads for myself as part of my integrity practice.

am starting to wake up at 5:30am to work for an hour before my kids get up, giving me more time in my day, even for naps.

spend time barefoot in the grass, earthing (sometimes just when I go get the mail).

can feel myself in my life.

(Keep in mind, this is my list, the things that I value and crave and need. Your list will be yours.)


How our time together will work

On each of the three Saturday’s, starting June 1st, I will guide you into the three resets that I believe are the heartbeat of a summer awakening.

The first, swap alcohol for water or fizzy water drinks.

The second, walk in nature.

The third, sit in quiet.

For each of these weeks I’ll ask you to design a reset around something you are desiring, needing inside of your life. If you already do the three I offer you, you can choose another one. You will piggy back the two resets together. At the end of each week, we’ll look at how you feel, what is new, if you’d like to continue with that reset, how it might need to shift. Then we will layer on.

The practice of a reset is based on simplicity and peacefulness. It is gentle. It is healing. It is beauty.

What this is not

This is not a fixed time challenge. This isn’t a 21 day exercise in what you can avoid and swim inside of lack and then on day 22 go binge and feel like shit again.

This is about waking up each day inside of healing. This is about who you want to become and then stepping into a six day reset to try her on. This is about adding practices to your life that give you more time, space, joy, healing, love, calm, presence, awe.

The idea is that at the end of only three weeks you will have a foundation for a life that you can FEEL, truly be inside of actively, presently, with a connection to Spirit/Universe/God that flows through you.

Each week you are accumulating practices that you’ll crave more of each week. If you don’t, you release it and try something else.

How I will support you

Each Saturday I’ll send out a Reset Wildthing, Reset email to guide you inside the practice of resets and share some stories and ideas.

There will be a private Instagram account set up just for us. I’ll talk to you there in the Stories and offer you support and guidance and I’ll be posting and asking questions on the feed. This is where we will connect. You absolutely can do this without the Instagram, it is another layer in connection if you feel drawn to that.

I want this to be simple so that you will do it, not just think about it.

I want to offer you practices that will bring you into a gorgeous summer awakening on June 21st and continue to support you after our time together.

I believe a gorgeous life has faith, grace, action, beauty, choices of integrity, devotion and kindness.

The resets will take you there.

Resets work because they aren’t about letting go of an identity, they are working towards a becoming of your choosing. When I was struggling with releasing alcohol it was the separation of the identity of being the host, the fun one at the party, the way I used it to play the part of an extroverted socially ‘on’ person. I was fun. Mostly, I wasn’t happy. I drank to find happiness.

Spoiler. Didn’t work.

Once I started looking at who I wanted to become I looked at people who had released alcohol for a gorgeous life and I knew that is what I wanted. Their eyes were shining and clear, they were focused on body healing, they were productive. And. They were feeling their feelings, being in time with what was real. It wasn’t covered up with alcohol.

This is who I wanted to be. Free of something that altered me out of integrity and kindness. Free of waking up feeling like shit. Free of not living fully into the most beautiful life possible.

Once I spent a few cycles of resets without alcohol I realized I was becoming her. I was choosing it.

Time expands. Healing becomes a daily exploration. Your nervous system will reset.

On the seventh days, we will ask ourselves if the reset gave to our life, lifted us up or if it depleted us, pulled from us.

We will look at ways to shift things around if something didn’t work quite as we hoped. When I first started getting up at 5:30am I initially didn’t have success following through because I didn’t know how to use the time. Once I realized I work incredibly well first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and like to exercise and meditate later in the day, my wake ups have been awesome.

I’ve gained hours in my day for quiet and stillness and walking and reading. I don’t touch my phone, other than listening to stories in the van, until after 10am whereas in the past an hour of my day could have gone to phone scrolling before 10am.

I have been wanting to hold this reset for weeks, the missing piece for me was ritualizing and batching my work so I could add in. Once I found my flow using resets, ease carried me.

Each week I begin excited with what I could learn and layer in and let become part of my ritual of self and identity.

I want this for you. Clear eyes, excess energy, nature as your temple, Spirit whispering back to your prayers.

The resets are a devotional to who you are, who you are becoming.

The resets will change your way of being inside of your life.

The resets give you a way to feel yourself in your life.