On the eve of Spiritstyle


I started feeling my own beauty about 5 years ago. Which means that for 5 years out of my 42 years I have been inside of the beauty of my spirit.

These last 5 years have held heartbreak and joy to the extremes that are rollercoasters in your gut.

And inside of them I found my beauty.

I remember when my partner and I were talking about compliments. I told him that so many women never hear someone tell them they are beautiful.


I have lived in a deficit of those words.

He said, "Women who feel beautiful radiate beauty. So much of it is how they feel."

And feeling beautiful is a life journey for so many of us. It is a mixture of joy and purpose and passion and living inside of honesty and compassion.

It is a place where sensuality meets the seduction of the ordinary, simple moments of gratitude and reverence for just being. 

It is a place where the softest shirt layered over a tank top in the morning can become a devotional practice of spirit.

It is a place where words matter. From other women. From the ones who love us. From strangers.

Words are powerful life shifters.

I love telling a woman she is beautiful. I love helping her see her beauty through my eyes, through the eyes of her camera lens, through the giving and receiving of the gift of words that cannot be underestimated.

You are beautiful. You are so beautiful.

How do we feel our own beauty?


The generosity of others helping us to feel it and see it and know it.

By letting ourselves be seen from the glow of our spirit.

By adorning ourselves in what truly feels like us.

By stripping it all off and finding all of our parts.

Our beauty. By layering time and feelings together. By matching the parts of who we are with how we show up in the world.

5 years ago I started to feel my beauty.

I found my Spiritstyle.

I let myself become over and over, dancing on edges of being seen.

Of learning to show other women their beauty and tell them over and over and over... You are beautiful. You are so beautiful.

And by asking them who they were and how they wanted to feel inside of that.

This will be our journey.

Into change.

Into showing up.

Into infusing spirit as we dress our parts.
On the eve of this discovery into our Spiritstyle gift another with your words. Tell them you love their hair or the way they put together an outfit or how they glow when they smile. Help someone you love or a stranger practice seeing and hearing words of their beauty.

Continue this practice for the 10 days and notice what happens inside of your spirit. Notice what you draw back to you. Feel it.

Because Spiritstyle is all about how you feel from your toes to your heart, from your heart to the top of your head.

It is walking through the world being seen as a translation of what your spirit feels.

If you have someone you want to invite into our days together, they can get the details here.