I am scrolling through the group, reading introductions. Some women are newer faces, others have spent years circling together.

As is typical, my eyes start watering. They are sharing the words that reveal why they are choosing this for themselves. They are sharing the magic that has infused into their lives from the past circles.

They are sharing why they chose to trust this time with me, with each other.

One woman, after years of this work, is now stepping into the iteration of her life that she has been dreaming and working towards for the last few years. Her superpowers are blazing. She is doing it. 

Things burn down when a dream is ready to fully manifest. It can be painful. We are forced to release. Often things look different than what we thought.

There is this crazy swirling of the dream, the action, the faith and the release.

A joy based life is not without pain or fear. A joy based life uses the pain and fear as motivation to find deeper joy. And then deeper joy again.

The women started to introduce themselves with 5 things they felt were important to share, in intimacy and vulnerability. I love the number 5. I have 5 kids. We dream in 5 in the circle.

And here they are, sharing inside of 5.

On Instagram someone quotes me saying, leave some spaces for the woman you are becoming.

I think about the list of the 5 things that are in our past, our now.

Then my mind sees a blank list. With numbers 1-5.

The list that comes after the 6 months of work.

The list we can't possibly see what will be written on it, or who we will be.

It is the spaces we must leave blank for the woman we are becoming.

We will be creating vision journals in our 6 months together. I imagine the last page holding this blank list, this list of our becoming. 

The holding of space.

6 months ago I was dreaming of a home together with my love and our kids. In two days we move into that home.

In two days I will fill in a blank space on my list of my becoming. I'm not sure what it will say or who I will be.

As I write the words and the space fills with the one I am now a brand new blank space opens, on another list, in another journal, as I begin my becoming again.


My favorite journals are Moleskins XL Cahier, but anything works.

Each page is a blank space of possibility. For the work. For the visioning. For the dreams. For the action.

And the last page holds our becoming. The one we will be. Or maybe it is a sticky note numbered 1-5 or a beautifully decorated list on the fridge, every day reminding you of the space to be.

Today see that list. Or start that list somewhere.

Close your eyes and imagine all that space that is yours.

Close your eyes and feel the iterations of the woman becoming.

This is her love note.