Cake for breakfast. A devotional.

"I think I'll be change this year."

"What is a word for being yourself?" Authentic? "Yes, I'll be authentic."

The ten and eleven year old were choosing their guiding words for the year ahead. They are at the age when they can feel that they are separating more and more from the need to please others and find their emerging spirits.


We are in NH, covered by trees dripping heavily with white powder. The frozen lake became our slippery ground. The kids walked to touch the buoy that marks the presence of a huge rock for boats in the summer.

We decided to celebrated the snow with cake. It ended up being cake for breakfast because days feel long but night time sleepiness creeps up on us after hours playing in the cold. 

We love to celebrate, party. To make special the ordinary. Christmas Eve feast of seven fishes, a dish from each person in the family. A speech given before your course was served. A menu hung. A table set.

A devotional to the ordinary. Everyday. Simple. A devotional to infuse spirit into little moments.


On New Year's Eve at midnight and in the hours before I will kiss my love. Each kiss a devotional to the life we are building together. To the hard, hard struggles we walked through to get to those kisses.

We will celebrate finding each other. We will celebrate simple moments. We will release what we've been holding onto which halts our path to reverence. 

A devotional to the ordinary. Everyday. Simple. A devotional to change. To authenticity. A devotional to the little moments. 

And cake for breakfast. Because they will remember that day, together, in the snow.