Scavenge 5 :: Show us you.


Being seen.

Truly what this whole week has been about. Seeing others. Thanking others. Shining a light on others. And then. Allowing the light to be shown on ourselves.

I can think back to all my edges on social media. Just getting a Facebook account was bizarre to me. After that I realized there were no pictures of me, outside of the giving birth pictures. I was the one taking the pictures.

I learned how to take selfies before cell phone cameras, using just a little camera and guessing where my head might be in the frame.

9 years later I have found a loving, nurturing, giving relationship with social media that extends through my life and business and family.

I created this Scavenger Hunt to give you some permission to explore and play and find some edges of your own.

It was fun spending time with you and seeing the gorgeous community we have gathered together.

I'll announce all the prize winners on Monday! Probably on Instagram...

All my love,

xo H