Scavenge 4 :: How do you want to feel inside?


I want to feel freedom, space and adoration inside my business and my life. I find they are not separable, perhaps being the kind of work I do, or perhaps because work is such a large part of our lives that the feeling doesn't shift around for me, it encompasses.

I say that I am a mama whose primary blessing is being able to be with my kids and I happen to have learned and nurtured this amazing way of creating an energy exchange for money through my offerings.

Money offering me freedom. My work offering me space. The way I live offering me the give and take of adoration.

In the past I would say, I'm a stay at home mom who is lucky enough to make really good money accidentally.

It is no accident. It isn't luck. And I've always believed we could come up with a better term than stay at home mom.

My language around who I am is evolving. As is my work. My love. My family. My heart.

I am loving making Insta Stories and watching Stories. I feel more connected to the women out there in my social media land. I feel as though I can give more of myself.

Today I encouraged those playing the Scavenger Hunt to create a story around the way they want to feel inside their business, dreams or life.

There was a big learning curve for me putting myself in the line of vision in this way, I felt super vulnerable and as though I didn't know what I was doing. A few weeks in, I get it. 

Doing it was the only way to move through the uncomfortable thoughts running through my head.

If you aren't doing the Hunt with us or don't do Instagram, I invite you to give some space today to finding the words that attach to how you want to feel.

They can change. There is no right or wrong.

There just is. Your feelings. Now. How you want to feel.

I'm off to finish helping a project on Otzi the Iceman and then take one shopping for a Homecoming Dance and somewhere in there make some burgers because I have been craving, craving a juicy burger smothered in swiss cheese and tomatoes and pickles.

Sending you love for your day or night.