Instagram Scavenger Hunt :: MMC Business Circle Warm-Up (Prizes included)


For my 39th birthday I was in the midst of rewriting my story. I had some catching up to do of time.

I had fallen in love at 19, married at 24, became pregnant at 25, lost my pregnancy at 16 weeks at 25 and then spent the next year having monthly blood tests to make sure my body wasn't making a cancer from the molar pregnancy that I had lost. I was 28 when Chloe, my first, was born, after losing more pregnancies.

It wasn't until my mid 30's that I even realized how lost I was or what a toll it had taken on my marriage and my heart and spirit.

Fast forward to my 39th year. I wanted it to be epic. I wanted to find the parts of me that felt lost.

With the help of my amazing friends, I created a birithday night filled with scavenges all over Providence. 39 of them.

By 4am we realized we would not make it fully through the 39 and still it was some of the most fun I have ever had in my life.

The women who joined me were all in. No matter how ridiculous and wild and ridiculous some of the scavenges were.

I felt more like me than any other night of my life.

I was all in. Committed to promising myself a way of being in the world that was edgy and loving and raw and fun and sensual and truthful and vulnerable and iterating.

I remind myself that all it takes is one prompt, one risk, one ask, one attempt, one edge each day to live inside a life of magic and possibility and faith.


When I was thinking of a way to warm up for the MMC Business Circle I kept thinking about the scavenger hunt for my birthday. Of how the prompts for each scavenge pushed us to play, to explore, to see more deeply who we all were.

Sometimes we need to push some edges in order to find connection and specialness and freedom.


Dreams ask us for courage and faith and movement and stillness. All of it.

You can play with us whether you have a business, a dream or all the things.

For 5 days we will use Instagram as our way of reaching out, being seen, exploring how we show up and sending gratitude all over social media.


When :: October 16th-20th

Where :: Instagram.

Why :: Dreams matter.

And :: Prizes.


You could win...

:: Entry from me to you into the MMC Business Circle for 6 months (if you win and are already signed up you will be reimbursed)

:: Ruth's tattoo

:: Mara's card deck

:: Cookie's magnesium cream

:: Chelsae's handmade vintage sun catcher

:: Persephone's treats

:: Jenning's granola

:: This list will be growing, more to come...


Starting October 16th I will post the daily scavenge to Instagram and you can play along by posting to your Instagram account. 

Tag the post with #magicmakingbusinesscircle so myself and others playing will see your post. This will be an incredible opportunity to connect to women who are out there dreaming and believing together.

If it feels good, share this Scavenger Hunt with women who would be lifted up by playing along with us.

On Monday, October 23rd I'll announce the winners.


For those of you already inside of the Magic Making Business Circle, you'll be seeing some more scavenges showing up for our 6 months together. I am crazy ready to play.