Magic Lake House Lift Up (an intimate coaching group)

“The Magic Lake House is where prayers mix with quiet soft nights on the deck, overlooking water that holds magic fish, quiet moments and laughter that can be heard throughout the private island. It is where we create gentle, safe space for people to gather, boat, swim, eat, drink, create, dream and reconnect to their true soul whispers. ”


We are not here to simply live on this earth. We are here to experience, feel, evolve, desire, devour, share, dance and open.

I choose to live sensually. The choices I make must revolve around feeling good and bringing good.

We must circle with our people as part of the deep self-care work we will all be called towards.

This circling for me is a calling so that we don't disappear from our own eyes and dreams and desires.

It is filling a hole inside that often feels gaping and raw.

When you combine the beauty of self care with the kickass mastermind of others who love pushing the edges of heart-centered business you create swirling magic.

The Magic Lake House manifested from a dream that fell in love with another dream. Every prayer is held here. Every download is sent from the lake with bubbles of love. It is pure magic.

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Our May/June Lift Up ::

We will start by gathering in a private group virtually (for May and June) where our first unfolding will take place. This is where we will start the vulnerable task of introducing who we are and why we came to this lift up together.

We will gather on two group calls to enter the lift up work. You may use this call in any way you desire; what you need to explore and talk about will be unique, there are no rules. These calls will be recorded. I promise that this is where the magic will first find you.

These calls will be coaching you around anything you are bringing to our circle to be lifted up around.

During May each of us will find the place in our lives where we are desiring lifting up around. As a group this will be nurtured, held and supported. I will be giving you personal inspired actions and coaching. The amazing thing for me is that when we do coaching in this way, we not only get the beauty of the magic that swirls around our own lift up, but benefit from everyone else's. We are all connected.

There is a power when women come together to lift one another up. Something huge shifts inside. We are no longer alone. This circle of women will take you into your next becoming. They will become part of your mantra towards healing, growth, change and desires.

I have been dreaming of a small group of women to lift up, where we go all in and find ourselves sitting on the deck of the magic lake house in the evening with soft music playing, a glass of wine, amazing food (we will do the cooking together) and conversations that become our prayers floating out to the magic lake that holds each prayer inside of her and sends it back to us in the form of downloads that change our next steps.

I have been dreaming of a small group of women where I could go deep, love hard, coach strong, guide in a new way. A group that is part intense coaching and part magical retreat. A group that lifts each other up while doing the work. A group that finds their way to the magic lake to dip their feet in her waters and heal how I have healed over the past year. A group that isn't afraid of going deep, and sharing, and trusting, and desiring together.

I have been dreaming of a small group of women who are ready to dream bigger than they ever have before. Who are ready to say yes, and this and now.

And so it is. We will gather. To do the work. To iterate. To share stories. To lift. To celebrate. To travel into our next becoming.


The magic lake house retreat ::

Thursday, June 9th, we will meet in Rindge, NH, on a small island in paradise (literally), at the magic lake house. We will settle in and spend time on the water or on the deck or walking in the woods as we integrate the slowness and magic that is around us. We will hug and laugh and chat and then gather together for a beautiful dinner overlooking the water and start a fire in the fire pit to warm us as the sun sets. (Skinny dipping has been known to happen during such moments!)

The kitchen will be filled with nourishing food for meals and snacks. I'll have a lose plan for meals, but our cooking will be collaborative, as time in the kitchen chopping and laughing with a glass of wine is one of my favorite ways of coming together. All food is gluten-free and low in sugar and as organic as we can be. You are invited to make yourself at home over the three days and help yourself and feel into the space in any way you need.

Friday will be our soul-work, lift up integration time. Every one will have focused time just on them. This is my favorite part of lift up gatherings. Time when you are heard and held and supported. This is when the next layer of magic happens.

We will have free time after the lift ups Friday late afternoon/evening. You might choose to venture into Keene for dinner and shopping or take a kayak/canoe out with a picnic packed inside and explore Lake Monomonac. You can stay and cozy up at the lake house, build a fire, have a dance party, shoot a bow and arrow, jump off the dock (let's manifest warm weather), go for a run, sit and giggle or anything else your spirit is craving.

Saturday morning we will have breakfast and our final lift up circle. Prayers and visions will be shared and sent out for the lake to hold for us.

It feels impossible for me to convey what the blend of lift ups, the magic lake and women who are willing to show up, do the work, feel into their becomings and step into fears and desires all at once can do to change your life. It is intense. It is pure magic.

This is what the magic lake house and lift ups have done for me. They have shown me that I have so many paths I could walk. And that it all comes down to my own vulnerability, compassion and choice.

The choice that I have made was of love, freedom, joy and constant iteration so that I may always be guiding others to change their lives, to become new, to be part of a wave of loving this life now.


 After the retreat ::

After we say good-bye we will find comfort in the re-entry inside of our virtual group. We will re-enter not just our lives, but our group together as new selves. The retreat will be our past selves having nurtured our future selves.

We will spend the remainder of June integrating, supporting and dreaming.

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Some details ::

The deposit is non-refundable unless you or I are able to secure the spot with another participant. Much preparation happens ahead of time, so please, only sign up if you are 100% in! Airports in the area are Manchester (about an hour away), Boston (about an hour and a half away) and Providence (a little less than two hours away). Once the group is assembled we can work out carpools and support around travel.

Dates and Cost ::

June 9th, 10th, 11th (Thursday - Saturday)

3 payments of $477

Cost includes my gift to you of the 6 months in Magic Making Circle (a value of $474)

(if you have already joined the 2016 circle, your second payment will reflect the reimbursement)

To reserve your space inside the magic lake house lift up ::

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Lifting up is vital to the movement. As women we crave this circling time together where we can nurture and be nurtured in a collective wave. We want to lead and be led, touch and be touched.

Lifting up is a form of healing when you stop fighting against feelings of jealousy, status, competition, judgement and open space for the truth inside of those feelings and allow yourself time inside of vulnerability, nurture, love, gentle power and forgiveness. Together.

Lifting up is showing up in truth and sharing in safety and love.

Lifting up is allowing others to lay hands on your wounds and then holding that hand in gratitude and love.

Lifting up is circling with other women which can become one of the deepest forms of fear for many of us who were taught that women are jealous and we cannot show up in our light. And we will move through this fear.

Lifting up is the rhythm of sharing meals, fears, dreams, prayers and giggles.


“I felt so lifted up and so held and seen and heard, in a way I had never expected or experienced. It gave me a feeling of connection that was something so new for me and now I know I can’t be without it. And I never realized the sheer power and strength and love without judgment that could be possible within a circle! My lift up time was amazing and I can’t wait to return for more. I yearn for it!”

"There was such freedom to share and spill and soak and release together. I am still basking in the overflow of the intentional self-care and sacred community that was birthed from my lift up time.”