The story of a launch



They sent blue sweatshirts instead of grey.

After returning them and ordering the grey with all the snow, there was no way that they would arrive at my Loft in time for me to take photos for our launch on Valentine's Day.


I get a text from Jenny.  "Hey, so what are you doing Friday night? I have an idea."

You really don't say no to Jenny's ideas because they are always a little crazy and a whole lot of perfect.


We agreed to meet Friday night somewhere in the middle of Vermont and RI so I could get shirts for the photo shoot and launch Saturday morning.


Notes from a NH road trip ::

Remove bra and shoes 25 minutes into drive cause highly sensitive skin. Change your mind 5 times about where to meet. Get lost in the dark back roads of NH. Remember that time you were pregnant and lost in the back roads of NH and gave birth in a car. Plan to not do that again. Give in and get D&D coffee. Plan to not do that again. End up at the one open and adorable ice cream shop. Yes. Open. Get the shirts in your van. Have a biz meeting in van giggling the whole time cause freedom. Stop at gas station to pee mid drive home. Get the look from all women in gas station when you walk in in leg warmers, leggings and said shirt. Smile. Cause ‪#‎ilovethislifenow


Jenny walked into her gas station and got a free hot chocolate when the guy saw her shirt. I got the look, she got hot chocolate. ...I mean?


I went to bed at 2am after being in the car for 9 hours, traffic. Woke up at 7am for coffee and photo shoot 3 hours before the launch. My eyes were tiny and tired but I was happier than I felt in a long time.

Because dreams. And connection. And #ilovethislifenow.


The launch on @coyoteloon via Instagram had our shirts sold out in under two hours. With so many requests for it we have opened up a pre-order on and we will get those sweatshirts out to you as quickly as our screen printer can work his magic.

The support, the encouragement and the love overwhelmed us.   Thank you. Because living the life of your dreams starts by loving your now.  My hands are at my heart center receiving the energy you all bring to me.