The revolution will start with a sigh.

I am asked a couple of questions in considerable frequency around contributing to projects for others and then how to ask others to contribute to projects in a non-yucky way. When I received Amy Palko's ask for support around her Revolutionary Lips Blog Tour, it was the most beautiful example of an ask from another woman that I wanted to use it as a teaching moment to help answer that question.

"When I sat down to come up with a list of people who would be my dream hosts for this tour, your name sang out loud and clear! You see, I'm looking for fiercely compassionate, deeply inspiring truthspillers - individuals who lead from their heart, who dance wildly with their shadows, and who exquisitely embody what it means to be fully themselves in this moment and in the next.  So, naturally, I want to extend this invitation to you."

I thought immediately, I dance wildly with my shadows! And I adore Amy and the connection we have through social media. She is my people.

Then I read the poetry. Here is a tiny excerpt...

I feel
I hear
I touch
I lick my lips
with curious tongue
and taste
I separate myself
from you
and go my own way...

amy palko

That is my language. It is a language that many women have been afraid of, to hear, to speak, to moan.

I felt like Amy wrote those words just for me but I know that the collective of women rising and cheering and owning and claiming is part of that me.

When do we want to use our time and space to support other women in their rising?

When we have a connection, when it is filled with love, when the work they are doing makes our own work sing louder.

When the work they are doing makes our own work sing louder. We lift together. We rise.

The Revolution will start with a sigh.