Sexy and Sanguine women want.

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“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”

~ Rumi

I want to be settled being with myself, allowing loneliness to be a part of my experience of knowing who I am.

I want to fall onto a bed full of the softest pillows and giggle with pleasure, allowing my teeth to show when I smile big.

I want to look you in the eyes without pulling my gaze away, letting my reactions and face be true, and be there as listener, giver, lover, sexy woman piercing you through.

I want rogue ecstasy, story of fantasy and the most beautiful spaces.

I want to feel touch when I feel wrong in my skin, touch in places where I melt. Lower back, feet, scalp, neck...

I want to dance when you play the music of your heart, my fears for no rhythm passing through because your music is my understanding.

I want to open in embrace, false beliefs fading as I guide you in. I want you here.

I want to truly know me, from belly to toes to neck to strength to yearning to sad bits to sanguine moments.

I want to surrender to my fear of having, there may be judgement but I will pray, feel and want.

I want to fly off the cliff into the gentle water, I will never be too high to glide down.

I want to dance and open like the soul dances and opens, the past and future stories written in my today.

I want to be here now, with you, all of you, feeling my female pulse.

I want for you the openess of what stimulates you and the dance of confidence, the sexy woman opening her eyes each morning, painting her beauty by numbers.

There is no wrong. But there is wanting. And you sweet one, you may want and want and want…

(And excerpt from Day 1 of Sexy and Sanguine. Join us here.)