Vagina. And heart.

cocktail ring on heart

she feels love. she pulses. she gets so angry. she opens and yields. she strengthens. she tears. she cries. she rains. she adores. she feels fear. she knows you. she trusts. she won't let you in. she needs you. she holds your heart. she misses your touch. she wants her spirit truths. she holds all the feelings. she knows what you may be afraid to hear. she will speak it through pleasure and pain.


Join Mara Glatzel and I for a workshop about pleasure and the rise of your sexual self. Your vagina. Your heart. Your home. Your skin. Your beauty. Your wants.

There will be all the feelings, healing and laughter. And some really good food.

In her skin. Nov 15 and 16 at The Loft in Pawtucket, RI. There are 2 spots left. We have suggested the Dean Hotel for those who are traveling as it is awesome.