Hearing her say.

hannahmelisbirthday she said, you give me hope.

she said, you are adorable.

she said, soul-mate-sister-unicorn.

she said, because I "fell in love" with you, the very first time I discovered you.

she said, i had this strong spirit whisper to email, so i am.

she said, you are so special in a stranger's life more than you know.

she said, because you asked and because your work has stayed in me working it's magic for a year.

she said, woman, you lit me up and i am fullfilled.

she said, you took me from questioning to permission.

she said, i choose myself, in every iteration i am now and will become. i choose.

she said, i feel belonging here that i have not experienced elsewhere..safety and acceptance, and so much love.

she said, i have discovered my sacred yes.

she said, so much of this finds me right now, where i am, perfectly.

she said, i wanted you to know the affect you had on someone you don't even know.

she said, but this. this went deep deep into my heart. in a healing way. i loved every single word.

she said, hell yes. love you to pieces.
'she said' is the prompt for my Community Grace course today. I took myself up on my own prompt and opened some of the words that flow towards me and often I am unable to hold. This work is so intimate, so life altering and so simple. There are times when I need to sit down and read the words and ground in the blessings that I receive.