Wild woman wrapped around the moon.

hannah moon tattoo the sand crept up beneath her thigh and between her fingers

she lifted to the sky as though a lover from a past that needed to be inside her to free his head

and she counted the stars that spun around her skin

never having seen an existence filled with milky ways and truth

she wanted the stars to tease her skin, mouth, pussy, goddess spirit

breasts swollen from the moments she had grown into a woman because now she was

and her sex was alive as the ocean sounds traced her body then became the moon she couldn't see

so she wrapped and the ocean spilled out of her while the moon persuaded her touch

i am wild she mouthed to her universe

i claim this piece of me

stop leaving me over and again

i am wild, she said in vibration with the moon

i am thirsty

i am wild

i am energy bringer

i am becoming

i am my lust

i am characters i play

i am missing you

i am you

i am dust of stars

i am dreams

i am fucking beautiful

i am rebirthed

i am moist

i am magical

i am soul's message

i am fierce in my wander

i am stories made from living

i am wrapped around the moon

i am wild she showed her universe

her feet never touched the water and her eyes never saw the moon

so she became faith in intuition and cycles and space and the quiet that can bring chaos

lifting her skin now bare with raw truth she is open to receive contracts of the heart that manifest in release

and the fantasy of the penetration as a wild soul's longing

she whispers once more

i am wild