blue of source.

“Tears are words that need to be written.”

~ Paulo Coelho

hannah standing

clearing out the body to feel
turning from a starving red gold
of movement and chaos and drama unfolding
into blue

the blue of source
of oceans calling for baptism
new corners of desire
and tears begging me to just live

and so i try to fall into it
let the bits come un-numb while
dreaming of the red needing new faces

dreaming of the gold of movement
i am warm spiced surprise
and i am sick as my limbs and my jaw feel toxic
and i am feeling equal to the fear

belly bulging with questions inevitably hidden
wanting words to come forth
inside of this blue

this wildly patient

dedicated to my magic making group who will be gathering on the shores of north carolina in just a couple of weeks to celebrate our tears, our colors, our dreams, our baptisms, our wild, our warm spiced surprise.

The new circle is forming and every single woman stepping inside of it is deliciously ripe for the magic. A few days left to choose the magic.