Magic Making Circle ~ You've got questions.

Questions are floating in around the circle. I love a good question that I can dive into. It challenges me further and allows me to expand and find more ease.

As I was making this video my little one was taking a bubble bath at the Loft.

Right around the 8 minute mark after he is calling me and calling me I finally scream, "Just a minute I am making my video." So cover your ears or something!

And as I was thinking oh damn, do I have to remake this or edit, I recieve this email, seriously, as the video was uploading ::

"Dear sweet beautiful BRAVE Hannah~

I found you a year ago or so or more ....I remember the day I first watch your video and you could hear the kids in the adjusted the computer and drank your coffee. 
I thought what is this???? Its really kind of cool and she is so brave and cool and a mom and wow this is fascinating...the entire process!"
So the truth is that I am evolving. I don't pretend to be somewhere I am not. Now I am making videos with my kid in the bathtub. I want you to know that if I can build this business from the ground up raising three kids, no babysitter, you can do anything. Anything you want. We get to choose. I choose to parent and work. I like being with my little guy and hearing him play legos while I upload videos. I love that he understands my work and the Loft and manifesting in the most beautiful 5 year old way. He also has feedback that I say 'um' too much. Yes, Lucas, I'm trying dude, I'm trying!
So I leave it in. Next year maybe I'll have fancy lights and a better camera. I started this video making years ago in my mini van infront of Barnes and Noble balancing my laptop on the steering wheel! Yes, I love to see where I've been and where I'm going. But mostly I love where I am.
Wherever you are, this circle will be a beautiful support system in your life. You will grow, you will step into more ease, you will get shit done, you will embrace the sacred in money and planning and sticky notes, you will see how visioning can take you into the next iteration of you and your business.
Have more questions? Leave them below. Let's keep this conversation going.
Magic Making Circle. Its going to be a good good time.
Article link mentioned in video. Seriously a beautiful story.

Magic Making Circle Questions from Hannah Marcotti on Vimeo.