A letter to you, New Year.

 giggle and bliss

Dear 2014,

You are impossible to ignore as you make your arrival with fireworks and sleepy faces.

When I am turning a new age I start to think of myself as that next year months before it happens. With you 2014, I find myself, child of the seventies, feeling somewhat daunted by your numbers. Am I ready for you? Why do you always feel like a leap into time at an accelerated rate?

* Doesn't matter that I don't believe that one must completely reset their clock and set impossible resolutions on your arrival. They will and oddly enough, I find myself wanting to change everything, to start fresh, to have an overhaul using you as the beginning. So whatever, I am without a doubt, damn well open to change. I remember years ago when I took the recipes off my website and stopped running my cleanse, my only money maker. Terrified. And then I grew. So more of that.

* It is crazy hard to resist the urge to replay and revisit the last year. I don't believe I have to find closure or process every detail of it. I don't need a workbook or a spreadsheet. What I desire is more experiences that allow me to keep feeling free, loved and gently sexy as you arrive.

* Your presence lets me know where I am in my body. Last year I was pretty solid. This year I'm disconnected. I am off path. I don't feel like me. And I like me, I miss her. So thank you for reminding me as a marker of time where I am. I have some work to do to find me inside of my physical self.

* You have powerful fucking energy. You up gym memberships and fill Jenny Craig. You probably sell a lot of treadmills and bottled water. I plan to harness your energy and vision the hell out of my crazy life. That is how I New Year. Bam.

* Yes, I will drink more water. But I started days ago so you can't take all the credit you know?

* You are just a number but numbers are powerful. I like odd numbers yet won't freak out about your evenness. I'm going with it. And I'm 39 so that works.

* In 2013 I bought a ton of books. I know you want me to promise that upon your arrival I will read them all. Well, I won't. So that's that.

* I guarantee I will order more books that I mostly won't read once you get here. I just love books. And lipstick. And patchouli.

* I will have an iPhone 5.  Done.

* It seems I am a fairly intense person. That's not going to change. I like drama, but I am going to try to add a few more dashes of white space to my days.

* I'm going to write my book. You can take all the credit if you want.




"I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun." Katharine Hepburn