PicMonkey Collage my today is1

#mytodayis standing in beauty, kissing the sea and bourbon and bubbles. #mytodayis solitary and shared. #mytodayis motivating into my future steps.

PicMonkey Collage my today is 2

#mytodayis friends I have missed, bars that feel like a first kiss and grapefruit promising time. #mytodayis red-lipped giggles under steaming mugs of herbal mixtures flowing with words others write for me to absorb as teh sky continues to rain on my beautiful city. #mytodayis wine and zen.

PicMonkey Collage my today is3

#mytodayis spaces that I adore and vision beyond what I see. #mytodayis patterns and vintage pressed up against modern. #mytodayis my favorite mirror in a place I learned how to have fun, in a place where I learned to be free.

#mytodayis seeing your moments and capturing time. #mytodayis allowing yourself to stand inside of beauty, yours and what surrounds you. #mytodayis a way to vision yourself into the feelings you most want. #mytodayis adoring your life. #mytodayis looking back on your day and finding the comfort. #mytodayis starting a day with what will unfold around you.  #mytodayis sharing the movement into the gorgeous life.

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