The sex of an oyster. Instructions for shucking her.



Insert the blade.

She is a filter feeder. She cleans your water and purifies your fears. The lust to taste her body your motivation.

Use moderate force.

You play until you find the right touch, the vibration that will allow you to be invited into her. Each time you hold her she will require a new touch, a force that you must discover as you hold her in your hand.

At the hinge, twist the blade.

Once you've found the spot where she opens, the vibration of the crack is now inside of you. You are the compulsion behind her opening.

Feel the pop.

Her flesh is now your gift, your longing from the purification that had been her only purpose.

Slide the blade up and disconnect that which still holds her together.

Her lips open. Draw her in and be there wholly in her unearthing of how present you are to only her in this moment.

Shucked. Now taste.

Soft, fleshy. She guides you. When you feel her on your tongue she yields and slips into you.