Goodnight beautiful day. A gift for October.

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It is my birthday. Yes, there is a hashtag... #epic39

There will be a scavenger hunt around the city with my friends. White balloons. Pink flowers. Bubbly drinks.

And a gift for you.

:: 31 days of closing the day and saying goodnight with affirmation, intention, permission, question and mantra in October.

Each night before I go to sleep I whisper somewhere inside of me, Goodnight Beautiful Day.

No matter how hard the day has been or the challenges I've faced I want to close my night in beauty, in gratitude, in gentleness.

I hope I've washed my make-up off, but often I don't. Sometimes I fall asleep in half my clothes from the day. But my mantra remains. And as I lay there I think about what I'd like to be tomorrow, the qualities I'd like to embrace or try on.

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Ending each day with intention or prayer or mantra or blessing is for me a life-shifter. I can find myself falling into the what-ifs or I shouldn't have-s so easily.

If I can grab onto one thought that allows me to vibrate in a new way, which then is like a prayer, I end my days in softness and grace.

I close the day with love rather than anger.

I find that I have better dreams and those dreams help me to work through my 'stuff.'

I am more focused (and as an adult with OCD/ADD, whatever it may be labeled, this is huge for me) with my daily practices.

Our inboxes are filled. I know, you should see mine. I only want to offer you things that add to your rituals and time, never take away. Each day you'll receive in your inbox a picture with some words, just like that one above. It will be your mantra, question, affirmation, landing place for the evening. Something to carry with you, journal around, hold deep, lift up or snuggle up to.

You accepting space for my words in your inbox is an honor and I am humbled daily that words I write have such beautiful places to be received.

To join this October gift just put your email in that box and you'll be signed up. That simple.

And, thank you for being here. xo