Why my Gossip Girl addiction is changing my life.

At a conference in July I asked my friends, all of them coaches of various sorts, what my next Netflix show should be. They all said Gossip Girl.

It took about 5 minutes to become obsessed with this soap opera of a drama that has like 5 or 6 seasons waiting to be devoured by the part of my brain that needs a break from reality.

What has happened midway through season 2 surprised me.**

gossip girl

1. I believe that I can wear heels all day long, everywhere I go. I also believe I must own hot pink and bright red heels. My feet are covered in blisters.

2. I started to wear blue eyeshadow.

3. When I feel down I go to text Dan or Vanessa and realize they aren't in my phone.

4. In the morning I wake up and wait for fresh fruit and muffins to be delivered with my coffee and they never arrive. As this is the only meal of the day followed by martinis and champagne. I am kind of starving.

5. I am shopping around for martini glasses because drinking them out of wine glasses is horrid and your calories after breakfast should be consumed with class. Wearing heels.

6. I keep checking my calendar for when I am going to Europe. But really, I probably will just grab my ticket the day I decide to go. I have some new heels for the occasion.

7. I realize that I wear an outfit more than once and question this reality. I want all my shirts to show my cleavage. Big sunglasses are a must everywhere I go.

8. Rufus. I don't know. Just Rufus. And that guitar.

9. I wonder why all my friends and I don't exchange partners on a weekly basis. I guess maybe it is our kids. Nope, that can't be it.

10. When I dream at night Chuck Bass sometimes visits. We like drama. And we have so many seasons left to explore it.

** If you do not watch Gossip Girl, and this is probably for the best, well...I am only on season 2!