Sponsoring gifts.

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Every program I run, I give away spaces. I might do a give-away on the blog or on FB. I may offer others to host give-aways on their sites. I've secretly gifted spots to women I knew were ready but in financial difficulties. Part of my business model is gratitude. This is a way I feel gratitude and pay-it-forward.

After the Joy Up's first year I received a note from a woman who had been in the Joy Up alumni group for a few months. She wanted to sponsor another woman in the alumni group who she knew was stretched financially. She did so anonymously. Then another woman sponsored. Then another. All anonymously.

It expanded my heart. I realized that I had brought together women who were deeply compassionate, giving and who believed in the message of joy. It was freaking awesome.

Then I started to add a lower rate to join with a soulsister. Women were gifting their friends and sisters, bringing them into 'the tribe.'

This August I wanted to give back. Keep the pay-it-forward cycle in full momentum.

To sponsor someone, you simply choose someone you know or you can sponsor someone that we have who has requested a scholarship. Typically during a joy up about 10 requests come in to us.

Each time you sponsor someone your name goes into a virtual raffle.

When registration closes at the end of July three names will be drawn.

The prizes are::

  • A two night’s stay at The Loft with a friend or your partner. I will stock the fridge with Prosecco and chocolate covered strawberries. I’ll leave crisp white linens on the bed. I’ll tell you all the cool places to go in Providence. And if you want, I’ll hang out for a while too! To be used by January 2013. The date will be arranged around workshops and events happening at The Loft.
  • Joy in a box. I’ll send you a box full of gifts, things I love, to help you celebrate your life, your passion and pleasure and the vibration you are raising of joy in your heart and in the Universe. You’ll love it, promise.
  • A Tiny Devotions Mala of your choosing. Cause I love mine and think you’ll love one as much as I do.

Every time I am feeling nervous about money I find a way to give. I just came from a really expensive trip to an event that required plane tickets, hotel rooms, lots of eating out and then at the end of the event a chance to purchase a ticket for the event next year. Which I did.

I found myself inside of this feeling of lack. I don't typically spend that much money at one time. I felt a bit selfish.
While I don't need to feel nervous my old stories around money started to pull themselves up from my belly, my gut. I heard the voices telling me how irresponsible I am with money. I heard the voices laughing at me that I believe in my own abundance. It surprised me. I've put in years of building my business to be here. I've worked through these old stories.
I started to worry about the rent I pay for the Loft, the two employees I pay, the items I still need to finish designing the Loft space.
I had a moment.
check with $20
So the next thing I did was to leave a $20 tip on a $17 bill at a restaurant as I was waiting for my plane back to Boston. I already am a super big tipper. It has felt crazy good to me to leave more than 20% as often as I can.
It was the woman's 25th birthday and I had watched her go from table to table and she was pure joy. She said at least 4 nights a week their restaurant stays open because the 10:45pm Boston flight is always late, they stay open until the plane boards. Tonight was one of those nights. And she was so excited to go out after they closed to celebrate her birthday.
She wasn't crabby or whiny or ungrateful. She was full of gratitude. For her special day, for the fact that she could be there for me to have a glass of wine and the guy across from me to have his beer and the older man on the other side to have his burger and talk and talk. She was grateful.
So as the voices surfaced for me around spending I decided to buy her a couple drinks at her celebration. Pay-it-forward. Feel gratitude. Give.
Thank the voices for reminding me how grateful I am to be where I am.
And I thank you. For being here. For believing in the work I do. For gifting women the chance to step deeper into joy and understand that we choose how we want to feel.
Thank you.
I can't wait to virtually pull the names out of the hat.
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