The Joy Up ~ An Event to Remember

Sponsorship prizes, online party, 12 days of joy and some bubble blowing. Let's go...

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Two years ago The Joy UP jumped from my head and heart and became a program, a journey, that would change hundreds of women's lives in ways I am only still learning about. And my life changed. #likewhoa

And so we must celebrate. Let's make this an event to remember. Let's raise our joy vibrations across multiple countries and create waves of pleasure, truth and love.

August 1-12

Spending these days focused on joy is life changing because each morning it is a daily mantra; simply being a part of this journey will allow you to befriend joy, make space for her in your life.

I am no longer the same woman, mother, coach, writer or creative that I was when this started two years ago. I now have such a strong faith that change is our gift. The change hasn't been easy for me. I struggled, I fought, I pouted. But it always came back to YES! Yes, this is what I desire in my heart. Joy, change, fierce magic in my life.

Fierce Magic.

And so we begin, we continue. We step into this event together.

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12 days of letters holding inside of them:

  • Inspiration towards joy in your inbox
  • Soulwork, little gestures you can make to step into the gorgeous life of joy
  • Story which is the most powerful access we have to inspiration and change
  • Softness, ritual, space and magic - for sure
  • Gorgeous recipes to help make space in our bodies for joy
  • Some video face time with me, cause I love talking to you!

Gorgeous guests sharing words on their joy:

Moving into the beauty of what is now:

  • We can flow into the ease of what we want and what we have
  • Connect to JOY's soul - dance with her, play with her, move with her
  • Deepen your love to yourself and your relationships
  • Glow - yes, glow in your life
  • Know that each morning, joy is choice
  • Flip the negative places you are stuck inside of into softness and ease towards yourself
  • Sprinkle in some magic

Connecting to a deep body knowledge that joy is a part of us, has always been a part of us, we may just need to do some beautiful work to connect more deeply to her.

This journey is the beautiful work.

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How does this joy journey work:

  • Each morning a letter arrives in your inbox, a love note to joy, to you, to the intuition inside of you that is ready for more
  • Follow along daily or save them up for when you have a nice chunk of time to flow into the words, the images, the soulwork
  • Start with a notebook - nothing like a beautiful book to start a journey with
  • Keep your iphone or camera with you for the journey, joy loves to be recorded through picture
  • There are no assignments, simply prompts and story to move you forward into change
  • Do as little or as much as feels right to you now, don't force yourself, allow the flow into making this a ritual
  • An online FB group with women going through these days with you, support baby, support!
  • Membership into The Joy Up Alumni Tribe, an online private community of amazing women who have been supporting each other for two years (on Facebook)

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The story of this journey's beginning:

 A story of a woman who wanted to change her life using a planner. If only she found the perfect planner she could be more organized, present and accomplished. I suggested instead that she put on a pair of her favorite heels and jeans (I knew she liked these things) and pick her little one up at preschool looking and feeling like the woman she wanted to be.

Rather than wait for a planner to transform her, joy could visit her. Joy was missing, not her ability to do anything she wanted. Joy can start with the way we greet the day, show up and make space. It may not be your pink heels and skinny jeans, but something! We are going to find it, feel it, live it together.

What if the planner is just another way we hold ourselves back from fully being who we want to be?

Once I get organized I will....

Once I lose weight I can...

Once I fall in love I will be...

Once my children grow up I might...

And what if the 'Once I' is happening right now? We are living it, breathing it and all we need is to add joy into our soul to know this truth.

Joy is choice, freedom, abundance, spiritual, sexy, loving, playful and divine.

Our relationship with her can always be deepened, strengthened, healed.

This year I have been dedicated to fierce magic. I want this Joy Up to bring you that magic.

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The Events:

For each woman you sponsor into The Joy Up, your name will go into a raffle to win joy prizes. There is no limit, sponsor 10 women, your name goes in 10 times! Oh yes, Joy Prizes that are rather like events!!!

  • A two night’s stay at The Loft with a friend or your partner. I will stock the fridge with Prosecco and chocolate covered strawberries. I’ll leave crisp white linens on the bed. I’ll tell you all the cool places to go in Providence. And if you want, I’ll hang out for a while too! To be used by January 2014. The date will be arranged around workshops and events happening at The Loft. (Travel costs not included.)
  • Joy in a box. I'll send you a box full of gifts, things I love, to help you celebrate your life, your passion and pleasure and the vibration you are raising of joy in your heart and in the Universe. You'll love it, promise.
  • A Tiny Devotions Mala of your choosing. Cause I love mine and think you'll love one as much as I do. (Valued up to $127)

An online party!!! What, what? Yep, we are going to party online. Dress up, put on red lips and gather your joy sisters around the computer as we celebrate the Joy Up. Let's hear how your life has changed since the Joy Up days and what is bringing you deep joy.

An official invitation to all The Women of the Joy Up will be sent!!!

From my heart:

  • I want you to know joy is yours now
  • I want you to know this journey is about much more than daily emails or soulwork
  • I want you to know how crazy special this journey will be
  • I want you to know how deeply I want you to be a part of this
  • I want you to know that with all my heart, I create this for you

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"I am missing Hannah's daily emails, it had become a part of my daily ritual. I would read them in bed before getting up every morning. Then lay there reflecting on them before beginning anything else."

"Thank you all so much for your unconditional love, support, laughs and tears. Love being a part of this amazing group.Thank you Hannah! You are an angel, a guiding light, truly a blessing! I will be forever grateful to each and everyone of you."

"I did not have any expectations going in and I learned this: to allow my creative side to get its groove back, slow my roll and enJOY more of the *now* and gobble up all the inspiring stories of your daily letters and the fantastically beautiful, strong women in this group. Much love to all!!"

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Joining this group of women will change your life. This is a tribe of soul sisters united in joy. Magic can happen here, if you are ready to see it and believe it.

Will you join us for the magic, for an event to remember?


$39.00 for the journey for you

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$29.00 to sponsor a soul-sister (each time you sponsor someone into The Joy Up your name will be entered into a raffle to win amazing joyful prizes)

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No limit on how many you can sponsor! (just make sure to email the emails and names of the women you are sponsoring in!)

 "The Joy Up helped me find my voice. Transformed my path into more of the sacred. Thank you Hannah!"

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"I LOVE ritual, and the Joy Up gave me permission to introduce the rituals that make my heart sing into my day, my world, my life. I haven't been the same since. In a good way. A very good way! Thank you Hannah."

"Last year my guiding word was Joy. I so badly wanted to embody it, but didn't know how. Joy always beyond my grasp. During the Joy Up, I learned how to embrace simple rituals and the sacredness and beauty of everyday life. It was in those simple moments of awareness that I began to feel the deepness of joy."

"The first Joy Up I participated in gave me permission to experience and revel in the magic I was always grasping for...the simple pleasures of everyday life. Hannah's gentle guidance and her tribe of beautiful wild women enveloped me in a safe and sacred space to come home to my own spirit."

"Joy Up was a gentle nudge from my stuck place to the option of a bit of beauty, ease, creativity, and sparkle to my everyday."

"The Joy Up has changed my life in more ways than I can count. From simple daily rituals that have become second nature to my reaction and outlook on situations and circumstances in my life to a beautiful tribe of women that I consider sisters. If you allow joy to be your guide, you will be forever changed."

"Each Joy Up I participate in is life altering. I find myself peeling back layers, finding healing, finding more of myself and becoming more and more the woman I am meant to be. Hannah is and amazing guide and I am eternally grateful to have been introduced to her."

"I found something I had been looking for in Hannah Marcotti's Joy Up - a beautiful gathering of women who love, support and cherish each other."

"I have reconnected with my inner joy and given myself permission to hope."

"The Joy Up taught me the tiniest thing can transform into joy. Now I'm a joy junkie and I own a joyful heart. I used to save my tutu for special occasions but now I wear it every damn day if I feel like it!"

"For me, the greatest gift is the realization that joy is a choice, a state of mind and heart that is independent of external circumstances. Hannah's gorgeous prompts empower me to take the time to see, hear and feel my precious heart and to honor my feelings. The connection with this beautiful community has been the icing on the cake. Each new Joy Up takes me deeper, and yet I feel so much lighter and more loving toward myself and my life."

"I think mainly I realize now the difference between simply being happy and now knowing it comes from having my own inner joy, and remembering I know how to create that when I need to."

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Some Questions and Answers:

  •  I'm away for part of The Joy Up, can I still participate? Of course, this is all about your own timing. You can read the emails daily, do the soulwork actively, or you can take a slower approach and find your own rhythm.
  • Tell me about the sponsorship? Since the joy up's conception I have had women wanting to sponsor others or gift them spaces in The Joy UP. This year with each sponsorship, as my way of saying thank you, I will be entering the sponsors name into a raffle for some amazing prizes. It just feels so good to pay-it-forward. Right?
  • I don't feel creative, can I still participate? Yep, what better reason to do so!
  • Is the FB group confidential? Yes, it is a private group and we have an understanding that everything stays within the group. Our tribe members have been so supportive and loving, it is truly an amazing place, especially during a Joy Up.
  • I can't do this one, will you do it again? My work is always evolving. I would say, most likely. I do think at some point the Joy Up will evolve into something else, so time will tell. I follow my heart.