she wanted a promise that the moment in her memory would be again.

she wanted a thousand deep kisses to pull the loneliness out of her gut.

she wanted to be upside down, blood rushing to her brain that desired breath.

she wanted the long rustic table, flowers picked from bees, feasts and hands and bellies and arms that knew how to serve.

she wanted to bring the drama, it is all she knew.

she wanted to pull the wolf skin over her sweating body, naked breasts salvation of her love.

she wanted the fish to swim through her, her net of pain tearing.

she wanted to fix it.

she wanted to lift her hands towards God and feel his fingers lock with hers as she pulled her hand to her heart and dove into the spaces between.

she wanted an event to remember so her head could rest, her joy bubbling.

she wanted the answers to stop bringing new fears.

she wanted to fly into her magazine cut-out dreams and become the glue behind the words.

she wanted the magic she sprinkled to be collected in tiny bottles around their necks with the word yes, the promise to themselves.