I am...

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Spirits of Joy is a course I am currently guiding all about making a vision book. We go through 30 days of guided prompts to help shift and vision and dream and be and process and give permission. But you don't have to make a whole book, you could start with a page. I am sharing one of the most powerful prompts for myself with you today from the course, if you feel drawn to create a page, please join us and tag your picture on instagram #spiritsofjoy.

To create your page all you need is a piece of paper, magazines you can cut up, glue stick and scissors. Go into your magazine and let your I am find you. Today my I am found me, I am the stars...


I am.

Express who you see in your visions of you, who you know in your spirit you are.

Here is the fun part, find it! Go flip through magazines or listen to some music until you hear or see your I am appear.

(Here is a hint...you can't be wrong!)

Spirits of Joy I am from Hannah Marcotti on Vimeo.

Password:: I am

The first time I did this I let go of anything that I thought about myself. I opened up a JCREW catalog. I flipped through finding myself drawn to the words that were used in their marketing.

I saw, 'a golden one,' and my heart said, yes! I even love the comma!

I feel a light inside that I am drawing forth, I love gold jewelry, I am trying so very lovingly to release some past yucks, I am learning to stand in truth.

A golden one,

Thank you JCREW, I'll take it. Often if we let go of what we think we are looking for, what then finds us is exactly perfect.