On love. On enough. On visions. On gentle power.

When I first started doing vision work about 4 years ago I was scared.

I was scared of wanting, of asking, of what I didn't realize (then) was putting myself into a deeply vulnerable state of visioning my life into its most joyful and passionate place.

I was scared to evolve.

I was afraid to look at choices I had made because did that mean I had really f***ed up. At that point I was 34, I had a new baby, my last. I didn't want to look at what I might so deeply need to be different.

So I stuck my toes in the water and I dipped into visioning in what I thought was the most gentle of ways.

I placed my visions on a wall where I could see them and it was a silent prayer each day I looked towards it.

Ever since that day my world has been in a spiral of change, of choice, of manifesting, of learning who I am.

Learning who I am:: Not who I thought I should be. Cracking. Open.

Yes. It is scary. Yes. Things will change. Yes. You get to decide. Yes. You have to release the details. Yes. What shows up will be more magical than you ever imagined. Yes. It will be hard. Yes. There will be tears and laughter. Yes. You will cross through these visions knowing you are love and hold everything inside of you, that makes you enough.

You will feel the gentle power that was born inside of you when you realize that how you want to feel and who you are and what you dream of changes everything.


I'll be coming out of my cave to travel across the country and teach! January 5th. Berkeley, CA.

Join us for one of Teahouse Studio's final workshops, Vision Books and Stories of the Spirit. And while you are there Tiffany and I made a little video explaining more of what this workshop is all about. (Please forgive how dark I am, making a video at 5:30pm on the East Coast means no light!)