Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

She drew this for me.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am mixed up between all parts of who I am and the feelings inside and the need to sleep but hugging my hot cup of coffee closer because I don't have to know, right... kind of mama.

 I adore little acorn and used to do all sorts of things like this with my kids, hmmm....

I somehow see my spirit inside of this one, you know when art touches you in that way?

Yes, Liz and I still have our love affair going, we are helping eachother in so many ways, I am truly grateful.

I really want to write a what would happen post, but for now...

Next tattoo is probably stars, just saying.

FREE and Vivienne in the same sentence, go get yours.

Each year I feel the female guides I need show up to me and enter Julie.

"People are drawn to our brands by what they need from us to be more of themselves or to have the life they’re trying to create." Bam. Post that up on a vision board somewhere, tattoo it on your heart.

Feeling like I'm eggy and spermy all mixed up but have always identified with eggy, something to think about. [via Michelle]

So my workshop will be among the last at Teahouse, this was a manifesting dream come true and we have spaces available. Come vision with me and watch your life start to shift in magical ways because you are allowing it to.

Patrick travels with a gym bag while in his suits on the plane. This bothers me, thinking of getting him this...thoughts? (Patrick don't open link.)

This may need to be mine. Pow.

From one of my gorgeous clients who I look forward to our bi-weekly chats in enormous ways.


I don't offer information that doesn't need to find its way to my kids. I wait for them to ask, I wait for them to want to know because until then, they just don't need to. We all grow up soon enough right?


 Can't. Stop. Listening. To. This. Beautiful.