Anxiety and breathe.

A week ago I walked into my physical therapy and I was a bit whacko. A ball of chaos and stress. I had been having panic attacks and they were being triggered by all sorts of random bits and pieces.

I blamed it on the little bit of caffeine I had had and mentioned how my bladder can't handle caffeine and I would probably have a flare up and...

"OK." Yep, I was talking a whole hell of a lot, fast. Furious. When I was a kid my nickname was motormouth. (I love listening now!)

She had me lie down and together she helped me practice deep pelvic floor breathing. Kind of like how you go down into your belly for that nice deep breath, well this breath goes down to the pelvis. And it is healing, opening and releasing.

We also talked about something that gave me a huge window into understanding my anxiety. What I've realized is that my anxiety isn't something that is happening to me, it is something that is happening within me.

It is happening within me. And from all I have learned from this gorgeous Universe, my feather finds and moonwalks, is that we have everything we need to be joyful, to be abundant, to be whole.

So I am allowing this truth, it is something within me, to guide me forth. Today she worked on my back and at one point I felt the deepest breath come into my body and I realized that for so long I've been holding my breath. The issues with my pelvic floor are all about holding in and when I took that breath I could feel the connection from the inside of me into the Universe.

It was one of the best breaths I've taken. Will you breathe with me, one deep, deep, full breath? xo