Magical moments, feeling phrases and guiding words.

As you may be, I'm spending a fair amount of time reflecting on the past year. I am finishing up a program called Community Grace that has stolen such a chunk of my heart right now. I was walking the dog one day and had an idea that looked like a long wooden table set with white plates and bowls and mismatched napkins. I saw a coming together of community around grace.

I let it play around in my head for a while and kept not knowing what it would look like. I was in love with the name and every time I thought of it something new came to mind. When I realized what the program was I felt really scared.

We always hear others say (I know, I know, I say it too...all the time) that our sweet spot is what comes easily to us. Connection and community are my sweet spot. Feeling phrases, magical moments and guiding words -- these are my secret ingredients whenever I am mixing up something new.

I was scared because I knew that I would be guiding this program based on feelings. Feelings are what I know better than anything, my intelligence is highly emotional.

I had that moment of knowing that this was so deeply, desirously what I wanted to do. Would the 60 women who signed up think I was nuts when I asked them to start with a feeling mantra?

I was truly scared of this and also more sure than anything that this program wanted to flow through me. My sweet spot. This is what I do.

Creating this program, I knew that I'd be telling real stories, rather like I am now, so that these beautiful women would know that faith is scary. And gorgeous. And real.

Guiding soulwork, feeling and inspired action based prompts, this is what my year has been about. Soulwork for my tribe, soulwork for my heart, soulwork for my life.

As I reflect on the year I am doing much, much, much work around what I want 2013 to be about. I am starting with the magical moments, the feeling phrases and the guiding words.

When I'm ready to take a big leap in my business I see myself there. I notice what I'm wearing, where I am, the pen I'm holding, the way the weather is outside, the people around me, the feeling that I have inside. I see details. Then I release them into the Universe.


Thursday night we'll be gathering on the phone and joining voices and closing our eyes in guided meditation together. I'm giddy for this time to hear from some of my community who have changed my life by adding such depth, richness and joy.