Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a red lipstick, hot mocha with almond milk, sitting with the sun shining down on my face, loving my husband being home with me all week which is like vacation from the school and feeding duties for me kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

OK, this is my own link but I have to tell you that reading the comments this week has been one of the most amazing gifts that I have ever received. Thank you, thank and thank you.

I love when words can create a buzz, a social media sharing frenzy.

OK, so I've been under a rock, it takes me about 3 years to catch up on music. Love.

I am guessing this will make it to every Friday link list there is. Amen gorgeous, what needs to go on your list?

When people I adore take time to show the people they adore, I adore them even more. And I adore all three of these beauties.

I have been having some silly crazy fun with these two schemers and dreamers. I can't wait to share it. And I will tell you, these are my favorite underwear (I mean panties.

My sweet friend's father. Listening to him made me realize that I have found my art. Writing is the thing that I feel I was born to do. Without question.

She is positively divine and this is a gorgeous way to know in your heart.

This chic rocks in big ways. Meet her and love her.

I am utterly in love with everything about this.