Catching Prayers

I had a couple of tough days, focused on the negatives that were showing up in the tiniest of ways while the positive joy was like a light show around me. All I could feel was the weight of the tiny, because that is where my focus was.

I sent out a prayer for calm, for love, for presence.

In that prayer I pulled all of those things into my reality, I shifted. I stepped back into the flow, I sat down and enjoyed the light show.

And while that sounds beautiful, it is hard as hell to do sometimes. That is why we journey. We practice.

We show up for each other, to catch our prayers in love and blow them out as blessings into the wind together.


A few requests to join the journey each day, so I've kept the registration open for a bit. If you sign up now, you'll have links to each of the previous days letters in your morning letter. Take your time, go at your own pace, dig into the soulwork.