Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a rethinking some choices, feeling oh-so much, packing for a camping trip with my mom squad families -without Patrick (yikes), post panic attack chilling, bacon for breakfast and grateful for summer camp for two out of the three of the kiddos kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

This is the World Domination Summit version. My final post on an amazing weekend in Portland. I share so much of this with you because I am consumed with thinking about how we must create our own communities. We did that with Mamacoach Circle and I strive to do that here on Mama Space. But I want more. I have big dreams for inviting what I want to be surrounded by into my life. I want you to dream this way. Create what you long for. Thank you for being here and part of this community. My heart is so happy you are here.

I take terrible notes, luckily some people take beautiful ones. By the way Kate is actually more gorgeous in real life than online. Just so you know.

Look at those beautiful faces. In magical places. Right?

Being with people who make us feel loved, whole and beautiful is kind of exactly what I'm going for in this life of mine.

The post is awesome, but the way her site is looking is giving me so much inspiration for how we keep evolving. Liz, it is gorgeous.

This moment. Yes.

The most amazing thing is that we all have our own experience and I want to honor that it is different for each of us.

The hardest part of this conference for me was saying the name to other people who don't know what it is about. What she said.

Um, hell yes.

My dinner partner for many nights, she is filled with inspiration for all of us.

A highlight of my trip, finally got my Chris hug. So much of where I am I owe to this man.

And from the man where all of this came from, in his own words.

There were so many posts from the weekend, please share a link if you have one for all of us! xo