Highly Sensitive Packing

I am going to a conference on the other side of this gorgeous country of ours. I will be gone for 8 days. (Eli, my 7 year old will come with me and for 4 of the days will be at my father's house, while I conference.)

I have been dreaming about this time away, or as I'm guessing it will feel like, in deep connection.

With my self. My spirit. My fears. My growth. My desires. My tribe. My thoughts. My space.

Even before children I was never alone. Not really. Alone was scary. It still is.

Not alone in my home, that is divine, that is when I am with myself, but alone in a new space, adventuring, traveling.

A community I have found myself inside of full of introverted, highly sensitive, gorgeous beings will be there. I will not be alone.

I will be with.

Leaving the tantrums and fights of the last few weeks, I will not sugar coat it, will be a breath of fresh air that I need so badly.

Moms need that space to remember who they are.

I have visions of sitting in a coffee shop, working on my first chapter, once the conference is over.

I will more divinely know women who have come into my life for reasons yet understood, but completely felt inside my heart.

The chance to miss my man and the other two kiddos is a blessing. That feeling of knowing that you are so meant to be together when you are apart.

I will be stepping into a light that has been carried inside of me since I can remember, and even further back.

Jumping out of a plane or bunging jumping is not how I get my high. It comes from following my path, to going where I am called.

The hugs, smiles, wine toasts, listening with all of me, feeling present is how I soar.

Packing my soft shirts, dansko heels, anxiety drops and tinctures and tonics.

Pulling my hair up into a scarf, bag full of notebooks to capture the freedom of words that will flow once I start to fly.

Knowing that not only will I be stepping out, giddy with pleasure to wrap my arms around these women who are joy to me, but that they are waiting for me.

Packing that red suitcase full of wonder to be standing on the coast that I hold so dear in my heart.

Standing on her soil, remembering her warmly, like the days of the embrace of your first love.

I'm packing.

*** *** ***

I will be attending the World Domination Summit this year, a huge, huge thank you to my friend and tech support knight, Michael Marinelli, for introducing me to the man behind the conference which forever changes the way I see myself in this world.

Huge thank you to Patrick for taking a week off of work so that I can journey to pursue my dreams more deeply and return home rested and joyful.

Thank you to myself for taking a huge chance and pressing the buy now button on my ticket.

Let others believe in you fiercely and then join in.

*** *** ***

While I'm away registration is happening for The Joy Up, A 30 Day Journey. It is going to be beautiful.