Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a loving the no pressure-ness of Friday mornings, watching the kids ride bikes and then run inside from the rain and somehow between frozen blueberries, cereal, mangoes and granola bars didn't make one single breakfast kind of mama. I'm also blown away from all the love that has come my way this week. I must be doing something right.

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

This is what I mean when I say 'your voice' and it moved me to tears.

I love a good confession.

Well now I don't have to write this.

Finally got my hug from this woman. And she inspired me to new places I didn't know I was searching for.

Gorgeous from gorgeous.

I am heading to this conference on Thursday, and already have my HSPP (highly sensitive person plan) in action.

I'm reading this and it is all me.

I have the black short sleeve and this on its way. Never have I ever worn anything more comfortable.

And is a tease! Will be released soon...