What is Beautiful Through Your Eyes?

(Visiting my beautiful friend and partner Michelle in Virginia.)

Winners for Beauty Week's giveaways will all be announced tomorrow on the blog. Thank you from my heart to yours for leaving such gorgeous comments all week. If you missed any of the posts, here they all are again:

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What is beautiful through your eyes?

Growing, birthing, and then watching my child bloom into an amazing little girl.  That's beauty to me.  Watching as my belly grew over 9 months, feeling her kicks and watching her squirm.  What joy.  Finding a power I never knew I had as I helped her make her transition from the darkness and comfort of my womb, out into the world so new.  Watching her yesterday, now 2, so eager to run and play with the ocean waves, as if they beckoned her to a place she already knows.  She is my beauty. ~ Xandra

The heart's ability to hurt and heal,
To forget and love,
To remember and trust,
To grow and stretch in places unknown and at once feel at home. ~ Stephanie

Beauty is the stillness that comes after walking through a storm. That's where the quiet wisdom emerges. ~ Britta

Willow trees... I can't explain it, but I can stop and stare at a willow tree for hours.~ Nicole

My 12 year old daughter who shares her secrets with me, for I know that all too soon I might no longer be the confidante of choice
My 92 year old grandmother, afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease, who showed me what pure, true, unconditional love looked like
Our aging dog who looks at me with such love and adoration in her eyes
My tribe of women
True and honest forgiveness
A heart full of gratitude
My ability to love deeply and really mean it ... Big, huge love I like to call it
Our garden, beginning to tease us with luscious, not quite ripe enough to pick fruit
The perfect green smoothie ~ Jenny.

For those of you who haven't met Jenny yet, she has graciously been helping me with the back end of my business. She takes care of my week, keeps me settled and calm and does a whole lot of busy work. If you've been in my tribe for a while, you already know and love this woman. She is beauty.